Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Since we didn't have too many days spent in Virginia playing around at the lake the kids and I decided to spontaneously go to cape may beach yesterday so that these two can cure their withdrawal, and have a ton of fun jumping in the waves, and getting buried in the sand. 

And what better place than to choose from a variety of beaches along the jersey shore! We are so lucky to be surround by so many, and on this day we decided to check out cape may beach. 
^^^ Noah was anxious to be buried in sand so while Chelsea was back and forth filling the buckets with wet sand he continued to pour sand all over  himself. ^^^
^^^ It was so fun to watch them! Just look at their faces! ^^^
^^^ Noah was giddy every time Chelsea would come back with buckets of wet sand to cover his toes. He kept thanking her, and saying over, and over again, "this is so awesome!" ^^^
^^^ For a moment Noah and I had some fun filling up his little dump trucks with sand and then racing them against each other as if they were on "mini dunes". ^^^
^^^ Even though Lexie spent most of her time laying out, and catching up on her journal writing about her week at EFY she had a relaxing time. She's a good sport for coming along with us since she wasn't here the last time we came. ^^^
In spite of exhaustion from a long weekend trip we had a nice time. The things I do for my kids, but I also do it for me too. I love, love the beach and when there is an opportunity to go I'll take it! No matter how tired I am I will go! 

Summer will be over before we know it so we are going to take as many beach trips as possible! 
Hope your summer continues to be safe, and fun!!  

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