Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Lately it seems as if our comfort zone is "home away from home." I think all the moving around we've done in the past has helped us adjust to any place, anywhere...especially when it comes to attending different wards in our church. We are so fortunate to have LDS churches all over the nation, and chances are there is always going to be one in the area where we happen to be traveling to. 

We love, love road trips and never grow weary from driving. I mean physically yes, but not mentally. Driving to Virginia to drop Lexie off to attend EFY was so nice. Although there can be some drama among Noah and Chelsea we always make the best of each trip. Best as in they bring "archaic" things to keep them occupied such as Noah's etch a sketch, and a book for Chelsea. Those are life savers. Sometimes we'll even play the license plate game, or I spy. There are times when Chelsea will sit in the back to prevent them from annoying each other, but overall road trips with the kids are fun, and they are good little travelers. 
What made this trip more meaningful was the fact that we included both temporal and spiritual things. We attended church for two Sundays, and were so spiritually edified. I pray that the spiritual high Lexie experienced will last for a long time, and that she will remember all the fun, and spiritual things she enjoyed and learned. Same with us! 
Playing around Maury lake, which we could have gone tubing in was nice, but we didn't have any swim suits let alone any gear! Next time we'll come prepared, and maybe even stay for the whole week! The kids had fun walking around, and skipping pebbles in the water. 

Now...let me talk about this collage that includes the places we went to in Lexington for a little bit. 
What a quaint town it was. There is so much history here about the civil war. We passed by Stonewall Jackson's home. I didn't know anything about him until i came here, and then read up on him. Apparently he was noted to be one of the most famous and revered heroes in the South. There were horses, and carriages giving tours of the quaint town of Lexington. We are definitely going to make time to do that next time we come.  

I can't even begin to tell you how many times we ate at Cookout. I seriously think I gained five pounds throughout the time we were there. We ate there like four times! The first time we experienced eating at Cookout was when we lived in North Carolina. It's too bad that they don't have any cookout restaurants this side of Jersey, because those hush puppies are crazy good!! Then again, maybe not such a good idea for this 43 year old body of mine that I'm trying to keep in good health!  I would probably want to eat there twice a week if it came to my neck of the woods! Especially since a burger basket with fries, and hush puppies---with a drink is only five bucks! 

We also ate at a pretty good mexican place called Mano Taqueria where the tacos were actually pretty good!! Never thought that any mexican food in the south, particularly Virginia would be so tasty, but this food is worth your $$$. I totally recommend trying it. 

The kid's found this bookstore which also had books and toys. Kind of reminded me of the store in Mystic, CT called Mystical Toys. I had to take a picture of the cute window display. I have this crazy idea, and dream of owning a bookstore one day when I'm like 50! I love books, especially children books, and how fun it would be to own a store like that someday. 
For a small town in Southern Virginia there are so many ways to make your own entertainment. Not like where I live in Jersey where you can easily be entertained by the city. The kids had so much fun being surrounded by nature, awesome playgrounds, flowing streams, and a river. The Shenandoah mountains as we drove home were captivating to see, and it's a shame we didn't have enough time on the drive back to explore. Jon said we can plan a camping trip, and go there next time. 

It was so peaceful, yet fun being in unfamiliar territory again. I love the fact that we desire to get away to unfamiliar territory to meet more of our brothers and sisters at church. I love that Lexie is so outgoing, and fearless that she can venture out to a camp where she's never been before, and without any familiar friends to guide her. I love that she is herself, and different and not afraid to approach someone whom she's never met.

 I love that she is my daughter, and like me, she is not afraid to be different. 

When we picked her up she was so happy to see us, but at the same didn't want to leave any of her friends she met in her company, as well as those who were in different companies. Here we were eating breakfast with other parents while our kids were congregating laughing, and hugging having a grand time. Everyone was so unified, and it was so good to see the cohesiveness among the youth. 

Even among the adults!

When we got home Lexie received a text from her counselor Bailey reminding her to read her scriptures! Now that's an awesome counselor! 

Yep...she will definitely be back next year and we hope to plan our vacation here a little longer! 

Happy Wednesday everyone! 

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