Wednesday, July 29, 2015


It has been almost two months since Noah's tennis lessons ended, and as each goes by I try to take him to the courts to practice at least two to three times a week. At the time he didn't have a decent sized racket so now that I bought him one that's his size he's been wanting to play tennis every single day. Watching his sisters play has really helped his motivation increase too. 

There have been times in the past where he will only last like ten minutes on the court and then want to play around. The fact that the courts have a playground next to it doesn't help his concentration on practicing. 

Well, the other day he surprised me by not wanting to play on the slide or swings.

I asked him, "noah, do you want to play tennis first or go on the swings?" 

He said, "yes". 

I said, "yes what? Playground or tennis?"

He said, "I want to play some tennis mom." 

I know for a fact that buying him his own racket has motivated him to play longer than usual, and to ignore the playground. All he kept saying was, "hit it to me again mom, another one mom, one more time mom." After a while of hitting the ball to him I asked if he wanted to play in the park, and he still kept saying, "no mom, no park, one more time. "Hit it to me again mom." Go, mom go!" That "one more time" turned into an extra 15-20 minutes of playing, and that really made me happy. 

And then he went to the swings afterwards. 


It never fails that whenever we pass a horse whether in the city or in the outskirts of jersey Noah will say, "the horses stink with their butts and farts." 

After talking about families, and how many sisters he has--"Mommy all your kids are five, seven, nine and twelve right?" I laughed and told him that the only age he got correct was his own.  

When he had a cold a few weeks ago, he crawled into our bed, and woke us up. I felt his forehead, and it was burning up! It turned out that he had a bit of a fever. Nothing major, but it still worried me. Before we gave him some medicine he said, "i don't feel so good mom, I think I'm dying."

Not that we eat at Dominoes, but every time he sees a car with a domino on top he starts singing, "pizza car, pizza car, pizza pizza car." He's obviously seen the commercial.

When we came home from church last week Noah asked if he could bring his stuffed animal next time we go. I said, "No son. You don't need to bring any toys of any kind to church." He said, "but "Amy" does all the time. I said, "No papa, "Amy" may have insecurity issues, and may bring it for comfort." Noah, "do I have issues?" I laughed out loud!

Noah and Chelsea continue to roughhouse a little too much especially when they play outside with their nerf water guns. I saw that Noah had a scratch on his back, and I asked him how he got it. He said, "When Chelsea hit me last year. Chelsea hits me every year mom." I think what he meant to say was, "when Chelsea hit me last time! Chelsea hits me all the time!" Anyway...he starts school this fall so his grammar will be up to par! Also need to nip the hitting between them two! 

Noah and I have a routine of snuggling with each other not the couch before bedtime. On this particular day he didn't want to snuggle with me on the couch which made me sad. I said to him, "you don't want to cuddle with mommy?" Noah then says, "no mommy, you were with sister Hines all day. I want to be with daddy now." I think he was upset because I was gone all day, and we didn't get to play tennis. I said to myself...Payback is a witch! 
Time is certainly fleeting with this kid. I look at him everyday when he wakes up, and i just stare at his big brown eyes, and light brown hair almost tearing up because God has blessed me with such a wonderful child. A son no less! One that looks like me (so people tell me), who is funny, kind, helpful, thoughtful, and affectionate. Never thought I would ever experience raising a boy, and I am loving it, and living it up! 

Now...let's go play some tennis! 

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