Monday, July 6, 2015


Since we've never seen the fireworks in DC, taking Lexie, (my photo bombing girl in the background) to attend EFY in Virginia gave us the excuse to spend the day in DC for the 4th, and even though check in time for Lexie was today we decided to spend the whole weekend in Virginia. 

Before camping out near the Potomac to watch the fireworks we ventured out to the U.S. National arboretum to check out the Capitol columns, and if your into history and lots of trees this is the place to go. 
The columns looked like ancient ruins from a foreign country or something. You can read the cool story behind the columns here. We enjoyed the day walking around, and as you will see I captured a few photos of the columns in different angles with some of my favorite people!

 ^^^ and a photo from my snapchat ( can scope out my stories at r_jorgensen) ^^^

The arboretum also has a youth garden where one can take the kids. Chelsea & Noah had so much fun chasing monarch butterflies, and playing in the garden. 
^^^This boy sweats profusely, but that didn't stop him from playing and Noah digging in this crate of soil.^^^ 
^^^...and when he saw this Tonka truck life stopped for him for a moment. ^^^
Since it rained the night before it was a bit muddy, but who cares...I let him be little and he went to town running around in the garden. Good thing I always plan ahead with bringing a change of clothes cause you know...boys.
^^^ Let's holla for sweaty, muddy little boys!^^^
It was so relaxing walking through the garden, and looking at all that was planted. There was Thai basil, mint, thyme, carrots, onions, potatoes, blackberries, and so much more. 

You're allowed to pick with permission, but because there was one carrot that was visible, eyeing and dying for someone to pick it Chelsea asked if she could. There was no one on the premises to ask so I was a rebel mom, and told her to go ahead, and pull it. It was practically leaning off the stem. She washed it, and chowed down on it. 
I dared Lexie to eat this onion, but she was like "not."
Noah saw this teepee and is now determined to build one of his own in the outdoors with sticks when we get home. I said to him,  "if only we lived in the boonies son."
^^^ And check out these succulents! ^^^
...and marbled stepping stones. 
As we left the grounds Jon captured a picture of one of my favorite flowers that are only grown in the south...magnolias. The arboretum is surrounded by them. Sure do miss the trees in my old backyard where I used to live in North Carolina. 
The day ended with celebrating Americas birthday with our fellow man. I was too involved in family time that I didn't capture any photos of the fireworks. We picked a perfect spot, but because the fireworks were hiding behind the clouds we couldn't see them all (darn cloud coverage!) Hopefully next year the weather will be super clear so that we can actually see the fireworks clear up in the sky. 

Overall our fourth was fabulous and we certainly look forward to celebrating it again and again! So thankful to live in a country where we can celebrate our freedoms, and to live in a land of the free, and home of the brave. 
Hope your fourth was fabulous too! 

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