Friday, July 3, 2015


Sundays for us can be a little chaotic sometimes especially when you have a toddler that has become picky with the clothes he wants to wear. He no longer wants me to help him get dressed, or even pick out his wardrobe. Some days I feel that I should just let him pick his own outfits because it will teach him to be more independent. Luckily this mama has good taste in the clothes I get him, and that he coordinates his outfits pretty well. He always wants to wear a white shirt like his dad, and is beginning to prefer ties over bowties. It seems as if lately that's all he wants to wear "white shirt and tie." As I was helping him button up his shirt and putting on his tie I said to him "you like looking like daddy huh? He said, "yes, I want to look like him, not you." "I said "well I certainly hope so. You would look pretty ridiculous wearing a dress!" He chuckled, and I thought his response was pretty funny.
I had mentioned how Noah has become a transformer fanatic lately, and so he'll constantly tell me to buy him a transformer that "transforms". So the other day he said to me emphatically, "mommy, you need to buy me a transformer that transforms because the one you got me is fake. I don't like fake toys. You need to stop buying me fake toys mom."

While mowing the law with Lexie his flip flop accidentally slipped off & got caught in the spikes and Noah says, "I told you to stop mowing, and moving lex! Look what you did to my flip flop! When he came in the house I said to him, "it could have been your toes son." He sighed. 

While on our way home from playing tennis in the hot sun, Noah says, "Chelsea give me some water! Please share with your brother?? Geeze!! 

On talking about the last day of school, and him starting kindergarten in the fall, "you're going to be all alone mom when I start school. I don't want you to be all alone. Let me stay with you." 

On tattling on Chelsea, "Mom, Chelsea said the "b" word. Is "shut up" the "b" word? Me: "no,  not really. Although it's not the "b" word it's not a nice word." Don't ever say the "b" word though! (Guess I better stop watching pg-13 movies with him! Hashtag bad parenting.)

Happy Friday, and hope that you have a fabulous 4th of July weekend! 

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