Tuesday, July 7, 2015


So let me write a little bit about Ray's Hell Burger for a moment. Actually, it's now called Rays To the Third. Why they changed their name I have no idea because these burgers are crazy good! 

First of all the second you walk in there are two huge maps on the walls where one can put a pushpin of where you're from. My neck of the woods was filled with them so I just decided to point to the place where we currently live...Jersey.
We love hamburgers, and unfortunately for Jon he can't eat too much because if he eats a lot of red meat his gout will act up. Probably a good idea (not the gout, eating less red meat), because that keeps us healthy and refrains us from eating too much meat. 

So while we were in DC for the fourth we decided to stop in Arlington to eat at Ray's. I heard that these burgers were huge and really, really good. They have two sizes... a 10, and a 6 oz. burger. There was no way any of us could eat a 10 ounce including Jon ,so we all ordered the 6 ounce burgers with steak wedge fries. And those steak fries were huge!! 
Good thing Lexie and I shared an order because those wedge fries were thick! And delish! 

Noah was not too crazy about his mac and cheese, and it was so not picture worthy. But what a  nice place it was for us to eat away from all the mess of bumper to bumper traffic, and closed roads due to the popping of the fireworks. 

We will definitely be back for more, but I don't think we will ever eat a 10 ounce burger. It definitely is a place where you can leave fully satisfied with a full tummy, or as Noah says, "be full all the way up to your chest, and not your belly button."

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