Tuesday, July 28, 2015


When I was a little girl I remember always looking forward to summer. As kids the heat never bothered me, and I always wanted to spend time outside. Now that I'm older it's a bit different, but nonetheless I still love my summer. Jersey summers are warm, but that fact that we have the four seasons makes me appreciate summer even more, and no matter how hot it gets it truly has become one of my favorite seasons. 

I love being outdoors, and having two young children who enjoy being outside is an adventure, and so I try my best to not get worn out so that I can have the energy to take them out on a warm summer day. 

Whether it's the park, or just sitting outside reading a book while their splashing in the little blue pool, being outside in the summer time cleanses my soul from those past brutal months of winter. And it makes me want to be surrounded by nature.

So far, this summer has definitely been the year of picking for the Jorgensens, and this was the first time we've ever picked blueberries! 
Ever since we got back from Palmyra I have been craving blueberries. Fresh blueberries. My girlfriend whom we stayed with gave us cereal for breakfast in which we added blueberries in it. I've never put blueberries in cereal, but I have to say this was really tasty, not to mention super healthy. So as soon as we came home we bought the protein cheerios cereal, and then went to the orchard to go blueberry picking.  I wasn't sure if they were still in season, and they were. The kids had so much fun picking, and pulling. 

Aside from taking pictures, picking and pulling blueberries is literally all that we did! And it was fun!
I'm the type of mom who allows them to do a taste test while picking. I know, probably not a good idea since they're not washed but hey...you're only a kid once right? Noah, to my surprise is not big on blueberries, but just wait until he's older. It's kind of my fault because my counter in the kitchen is never stocked with fruits. Really need to work on that. I've made a goal to have fresh fruit on hand especially during the summer months so that they can have a healthy snack. 
yep...we've definitely become fruit picking fanatics. 

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