Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Miles Our Little Elf, Is Back At Our House Again!

After wondering if Miles was returning back to our house for the holidays he finally arrived via mail yesterday on December 1st. 

I perused through pinterest and got the "mailing idea" from this website, and I'm glad that I can mock some of these ideas because let's face it...I'm not that creative! The kids were excited when they came home from school to see a small package on our porch, and ran inside letting me know we got something from the "north pole." I just loved the look on their faces as they were both holding the package. Major ear to ear smiles. They were so excited, and Chelsea had an inkling that it was Miles. Noah is still getting to know him, and after they opened it Noah remembered who Miles was...the elf on the shelf!! He's still learning. 

This morning they woke up trying to find him, and then noticed him under the tree sitting on Noah's storm trooper. Noah wasn't very pleased with that, but after explaining to him that he'll only be hanging out with him for today, and will move again some time in the night, and tomorrow he can play with his storm trooper again. 

I surprise myself sometimes at how I could have started this tradition late in age after Noah was born. Hopefully I can keep up with this tradition until he's at least 12, (or least until he realizes that Miles doesn't really fly to the North Pole, and that we are actually Santa.) I don't really regret starting this tradition, but I have advised my two oldest daughters that if they ever decide to start this tradition with their future posterity to really ponder long, and hard because once you start you are stuck in for the long haul. Especially if you plan to have a few kids. Hopefully once they do have children i hope they don't have a big age gap like me, because if they do decide to do the elf on the shelf, they'll be doing it for awhile! My two oldest girls didn't have an elf when they were younger, and I have no regrets that they didn't! 

I don't know if I would recommend this to new parents, but it has been kind of fun having a little elf around. In a way I'm glad that I was a follower with this trend, and started it because it brings a smile to the kids faces, and isn't that what Christmas should be all about? Joy, and laughter? 

So far it's been a pretty good two years with Miles being a part of our family around the holidays, and one thing I'm mostly grateful for is the fact that he's a good elf. From the very beginning I told the kids that our elf is going to be a very, very, kind, agreeable, laid-back, chilled, well mannered, good, little elf. I mentioned to them that he will not be one to pull any kind of shenanigans like most of the other elves do. I reminded them of how I am with the house not being in disarray, and how Miles understands that there will be no tricks, or major messes! The kids were okay with that, and they fully understand, and are glad that's he's good. 

I honestly believe that this will be the last popular trend that I'll do for the kids, because it's a lot of work. I'm glad that it's only once a year, and that it makes the kids happy. I'll only be a follower this one time, and because the elf on the shelf is so dainty, and kind of creepy looking i was sold on it. 

So here's to Miles finding his way back to our house, and for the next 23 days let's hope he'll continue to make the kids smile, and laugh! 

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