Monday, June 13, 2016

Chelsea & Noah's Spring Piano Recital '16.

When I first signed Noah up for piano lessons this winter I have to admit I was a bit nervous. Nervous because I didn't think he'd take it seriously. Because when you have boys all they want to do is run, play outside, play with legos, superhero figurines, and transformers! Having three daughters who enjoyed taking lessons gave me hope that Noah would have a deep interest in it, and thanks to their example he does. I've realized that it takes a lot of encouraging, examples, and a lot of positive reactions when one plays for a child to enjoy a hobby. Whether it's a sport, or an instrument. I have developed such a strong passion for having music played in my home, and to see that it keeps my kids grounded (in other words...out of trouble), is something that I hope my kids will carry on throughout their school years. And if they want...all the way into college. 
This year we were very blessed to have a new teacher. We have had wonderful teachers in the past, but sometimes change is good especially when it comes to feeling as if you're child can use it as well as the child themselves. We are very grateful for Ms. Nora's patience, and excellent technique that she taught my kids. Chelsea really has improved on her playing, and Noah picked it up really quick! I was really impressed with Nora, and my kids as their lessons were always, always pleasant, and to feel a happiness among her tiny music room was the icing on the cake. We will definitely miss her. 

16 students performed on this day, and everyone played very well. Noah was the first one to go up, and he went up like he didn't have a care in the world. He even had a little strut. I asked him afterwards if he was scared, and he just shook his head, and said "no." He's pretty bold, and fearless, and hope that he will use his fearlessness for good at all times. You can watch him play his sweet little song called "Happy Days" (so suitable for him) here. (I also snapchatted a bit and if you want to follow along and view my stories my user name is r_jorgensen). I love his grin as he looks right at me towards the end. He certainly knows where mom is holding the camera. 
As always when it comes to recitals I always want to respect others, and not want to distract so I only captured a few photos. Students were running late, and so it was mandatory that I had to capture the looks on my kids faces as they were waiting. Although they were waiting patiently I'm sure half of this group was thinking, "can we hurry up already, and get this over with", or maybe they were thinking the exact opposite such as, "take your time people. We are in no hurry!"

Chelsea was one of the last students to play, and she did really well. You can watch her play her Sontina piece here. 
I was really impressed with the nice awards that were given, and the sweet comments Ms. Nora gave to her students as she was handing them out. 
 Noah was so cute as he was the first one to receive it. This is the time were I wish I would have captured him in video so y'all can see him in action!
So proud of these kids for all their efforts when it came to endless practicing. I keep reminding them that practice makes perfect, and as long as you do that every day you can become the best pianist there is. 
Such a beautiful way to have spent our Sabbath day by attending our kids recital. I'm so proud of them, and hope that we will be blessed to find another teacher who is just as awesome as Ms. Nora once the school year begins again. 
Congratulations kiddos! Keep up the hard work, and never stop playing. Music truly is our everything when it comes to our needs. it relaxes the should, and eases the mind. Especially when it's played inside our home! 

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