Thursday, June 9, 2016

Officially a Middle-Schooler.

Eight years ago when we moved to Jersey Chelsea was just three years old. THREE! Totally feeling all the feelings right now because just the other day she asked when she can shave her legs. Knowing that she's my "baby" girl I really don't want her to because once she does that I feel as if she's officially a "woman." Then again I don't want any girls making fun of her at gym because she has a bit of hair on her legs so I guess that's a sure sign that I need to buy her her own razor! Today was a question of shaving, (among other things that dealt with "feminine hormonal issues" which she is in no hurry to get!), and it seems like yesterday she was running around the house asking for her "gigi" which was like her comfort, or woobie as others would call it. She'd suck on her thumb, and comfort herself with that small piece of rag. 

It's true what they say. Once they finish elementary school the years begin to fly, and there's been nothing buy grade flying around here in the Jorgensen household! (Still in denial that Noah is a Kindergarten graduate!) It'll be a nice beginning for Chelsea to attend a new middle school, and even though she'll miss her peeps here at Blackwood who will be going to Lewis middle school this fall she knows that she can make friends no matter where she goes. Counting our blessings that we have yearbooks for memory as well as email, and overall technology to stay in touch with her south jersey peeps! 
It doesn't surprise me that Chelsea was chosen out of her 5th grade class as to who is "most likely to Rule the world!" Her response when she was chosen was, "I hope my friends didn't think I was bossy." I said to her that they chose you because they see that you have leadership material, and believe me when I say that because I have seen her in action when it comes to not being the follower! Let's hope she continues to carry that attribute all the way into college! 
Special shout out goes to her teacher Mrs. Schug who was absolutely awesome! All of my kids have been blessed with having such awesome teachers at Blackwood, and whoever attends this school will be in good hands. My kids have learned that as long as you listen, and have a desire to learn you will have no issues with any teacher! 

Truly can't believe we're finished with this chapter in her life of completing her final years of elementary school, and that Noah is my only child left to attend five more years of it. Hoping that those years for both of them will go by super slow, and that Chelsea will shine throughout her middle school years, and be the best student there is! 
Goodbye 5th grade! 

Hello Middle School! 

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