Friday, June 24, 2016

What I'll Miss About South Jersey: Part Four

Heavenly Father puts people on our path for many reasons, and if your lucky you'll meet a few who share the same attributes, likes, dislikes, loves, thoughts, but the most important thing I've learned from each individual while living in south jersey, and attending this specific congregation is having a christlike love in your heart. 

And that's all that matters.

No matter the challenges I faced when it came to my life here those lessons only taught me to become stronger, and to learn from them. They have done nothing but strengthened my testimony in the love I have for the Lord, the belief i have for the gospel, and the love i have for my fellow man. It has increased my compassion towards others in need, helped me to be fearless in sharing my beliefs, and boosted my energy to be able to tolerate any unfortunate negativity that comes my way. The unconditional love I have for my sisters, and brothers in this world is an amazing feeling to have, and I'm so grateful that I was able to humble myself even more throughout my eight years of living here. 

Although my faith was tested many times I have seen miracles happen while living here. God is amazing when it comes to answering prayers, and I know that when we go to Him, and simply "ask" He will provide ways to lead us to unimaginable happiness, and fulfillment. Especially in times of stress! 

My life here amongst the trials we've endured have been blessed over and over again. Thanks to a few of my sisters who have been there for me when the going got rough. But especially for being there when it came to simple, and sincere friend-shipping. 

There are those sisters whom I've know the entire time I've lived here who always thought of our family when it came to concerts, and events happening all over Philly! Thanks Mary!
Mila, whose example of meekness, and benevolence rubbed off on me in many ways! Such a sweet, and beautiful Christ like attribute to have! 
 Rosa, Rosa, Rosa. I love her. Love her sense of fashion, and one thing I learned from her is learning. She is an amazing woman raising three daughters on her own, and the strength she has when it comes to having the desire to learn, and grow more in the gospel is astounding! 
These two sisters are awesome when it comes to endurance. I love how they just have a smile on their face, and come to church to listen, and be taught. Charlene (left) and I had some great visits in my home. 
I love the comments Trish gives during Sunday school, and in our Relief Society lessons. I sure learn a lot from her!
This woman deserves her own post, and I'll do that at a later date, but this woman is amazing when it comes to patience, and unconditional love in her calling as the Young Women President! Love her! 
This is Diane who is as sweet as can be. She is someone who has the desire to learn, and tries really hard to strive for the greater good as we all should. 

These sisters I have known within the past year or so, and they are just beautiful! I love them so much, and hope they know how much I appreciate their friendship! 
All of my sisters in my congregation are amazing, and I will never forget them. We each have stories to tell, and experiences to share. There are so many more I would like to mention on here such as Tweara who is by far the strongest person I know when it comes to hardships. And Wanda who goes with the flow, and has a tender heart underneath her boldness. These sisters are the perfect example of love, and kindness, and I will forever be grateful to Heavenly Father for putting them on my path. 

These are the ties that bind to true friend-shipping, and even though they tell me that I inspired them in many ways, sometimes it's the totally opposite for me. They have enlightened me as well. 

I will miss my dear sisters, and will do my best to see them, but at best we can plan temple dates, and I will write my heart out, and enclose silent hugs via snail mail. 

Love you guys so much!! Stay strong in the gospel, and with the guidance of Heavenly Father, and never ever give up on yourself when times get rough. Remember that you are worthy of God's love no matter what!! Live the gospel, and stay high in your standards no matter how old we get! I promise that if we all do that our cup will runneth over. 

Have a great weekend everyone ! 

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