Monday, June 6, 2016

Gloucester Township Day '16.

Towards the end of the school year, and for the past eight years of living in Gloucester Township we have always attended Gloucester Township Day. It truly is a huge event within the community, and having had two of my oldest daughters participate in singing on stage along with their fellow classmates who are part of the choir or musical, and various groups is something that I always look forward too! Even in this heat! 

It was a hot day, and couldn't believe how long we toughed it out for a few hours with a toddler! Good thing we had a ton of water to keep us hydrated. It seems that every year this carnival gets bigger and bigger. There have been more rides in the past couple of years, and so when the kids saw a few of their favorites there was no hesitation in letting them fun some fun. Normally we come here just to walk around,, and hear our daughter sing, and then leave. But being that this will be our last time coming to Gloucester township day we splurged a bit! 
We had some time to spare before Lexie's performance, and walked around checking out which rides they had. Noah was in awe when he saw this ride. He said, "I can't wait till I'm tall enough to get on this ride." 

 Noah, and Chelsea were pointing out which ones they wanted to ride, and after a while Noah rode the balloon ride with Lexie. 
They also had a chance to go on the fun slide, which in their opinion was not as great as the wooden slide at Smith park, but the three ticket ride was worth it. 
Since it was so hot with hardly any breeze the kids wanted to ride a ride where they could get some air. The Sizzler was the answer! Since I always get on rides with Noah I figured I'd let Jon get on with him. Their so cute together. 
And these two girls. 
I was starving, and as much as I wanted to eat before getting on rides we didn't. We ate after we rode, and the food they have here is pretty good. Chicken fingers, and fries are always a favorite! 
Noah cannot stop wearing these shades. They are his favorite especially since they were given to him by a Kings Hawaiian Rolls representative! 
Everyone did an amazing job performing, and singing. It was so nice to have heard Lexie, and Cassie sing "for good" from Wicked. You can view their duo here. They did an amazing job, and it reminded me of when Sierra sang on that same stage singing the same song too! Major deja vu! You can see Sierra sing the same song here
Here I am with my arms around Noah dancing to a song that was being sung, and Chelsea in the background being a goof. After she saw this photo she told me that I look "buff." I call it chunky. I may have a bit of muscle tone left, but this photo proves that i probably need to tone up my arms a bit! Ha! Ha!
I am in love with this photo. I love how I captured a moment between father and son, and how you can see the adoration in Noah's eyes for his pa. Love them both so much! 
It sure was bittersweet when we left. Knowing that this will be our last time coming to this event. Even though it'll an hour away from where we'll be living I know that we probably won't make time to come because of what's going on in our new community, and what not. I'm grateful for the times that we've come to support Gloucester Township , and for all the hard work that everyone does to participate in this event for free! I love how this community goes out of their way for families, and for the mayor to create a safe, and fun environment for the kids, and families. This is what I look forward to in our new community, and know that we'll be fine as long as we bring all that is good to our new community! 

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