Monday, June 27, 2016

Noah-isms // Summer Edition.

Not sure how much longer I'm going to keep up jotting down Noah's musings, but luckily I have his sisters to fill me in on what he says when I'm not around. 

Noah's favorite saying so far has been "just kidding." 

Mommy, I need to go potty. Just kidding!" 

After eating a full course meal..."Mommy, I'm still hungry. Just kidding!"

"Chelsea's ugly. Just kidding!" 

So Noah has invented a "poop" song, and while he's in the bathroom he'll sing it. Like all the time! He's sung it so much that I started to sing it, and when he heard me singing it in the bathroom (so not classy I know) He says through the door, "Mom, stop being like me!"

As I was walking Noah to the bus stop on his last day of school we saw one of our neighbors whom we rarely see because of their age. Noah saw "Mr. Smith" and as we passed him coming out of the house he says to me, "mom, that man is almost old. He's old like my piano teacher...they're almost old, and are going to die!" My response, "No papa they're not going to die, and yes they are old, but they're not dying anytime soon!" I sure hope not! 

At our yearly church bbq in which we just had Noah out of the blue said, "jade smells." Jade is a friend of Lexie's, and when Jade overheard what he said, he immediately went up to her, gave her a hug, and kissed her on the cheek...on his own. He also said, "just kidding!"

Every time we see a bunny, especially when we see one close up he'll say, "look mom a bunny, and he looks like a small deer." 

On his last day of school, and with a heavy heart Noah says, "I'm going to miss my friends." Me: "You"ll make new friends." Noah: "How? Are we still in Jersey?" I said, "yes, so that'll be easier to make new ones." He said, "okay." Resilient kids are a blessing! 

So we had a little bit of help from our church congregation in our new area, and while Lexie, and this other boy were moving stuff into our new place Noah asked Lexie, "are you going to marry that guy?" Lexie was like, "noooooo!" 

It's very rare that we nap on Sunday but because we moved the day before were super exhausted. Everyone took a nap except Noah, and when I awoke I asked him why he didn't take one. He said, "napping is for nighttime mommy, not daytime." His days of napping are pretty much over. Sigh....

While on a drive on a gorgeous sunny day, "why does the sun keep following us? The moon follows us at nighttime too." 

This boy continues to liven up our days, and we are so glad he's part of our family. 

He definitely completes it! 

OH...and watermelon is his fave!! He always has to have all summer long!

Happy Monday! 

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