Saturday, June 25, 2016

Strawberry Picking & A Little Video!

Strawberry picking has indeed become one our favorite traditions in the summertime! As soon as they're in season the kids and I will go to one of our favorite orchards and go to town picking! This year we practically had the whole orchard to ourselves!! It was so nice capturing moments without extra bodies in the background. This was also Lexie's first time pickin strawberries with us as she has always had a commitment when we'd go. This year she was determined to finally pick strawberries with us, and she had fun picking with her sibs.
Lexie found it very relaxing, and recalled going cherry picking with us for the first time last year! She was like, "yeah...I'm coming strawberry picking with you guys because y'all always do fun things without me!"

She helped Noah pick some pretty good ones while Chelsea and I picked some on our own. Such a beautiful day that we could have spent the entire afternoon here! I even made a little video in which you can view here
The kids did a good job in picking. Lexie was like the energizer bunny. She wanted to pick more because she loves her smoothies. There's nothing like a homemade smoothie with fresh strawberries! 
The best part of going to this orchard is the fact that they have a playground where the kids can let out all their wiggles after some serious picking! 
We absolutely love summertime, and all the fun things that come with it especially when it comes to the outdoors. Being outside is our favorite place to be when it comes to summer, and we look forward for more adventures! 

Happy Saturday! 

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