Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Noah's Kindergarten Graduation Picnic '16

Yesterday was Noah's kindergarten program/picnic/graduation/happy/sad/jumping for joy with tears streaming down my face, hence the sunglasses in this picture day!! I am still in denial that my baby boy who I swear I felt as if I gave birth to yesterday is at the end of his kindergarten days. It definitely was a surreal, bittersweet, yet joyous moment for us all as we celebrated the end to this chapter of his young life. 

All of our girls graduated from different schools when they were in kindergarten except for Chelsea. I think the reason why I was such a mess yesterday (although I hid it pretty well behind the camera) is because Chelsea graduated from this same school, and we had our little picnic near this same tree six years ago!! As I look back at Chelsea's kindergarten days it seems as if she just graduated from the Big K yesterday! And now...she's going into middle school! Yikes!
But this was Noah's day, and the fact that he will be attending another school district is somewhat bittersweet. Bitter because he made a lot of friends, and because he is so loved. Not once did I have any issues with him throughout the year, and I hope that will be the case until he graduates high school! He will miss his little friends, but thanks to technology we can keep in touch with his buddies folks via social media, and email! 
Watching Noah singing, and dancing in the program was so much fun. He truly has a knack for dancing, and singing. He's not afraid to sing, and act on his emotions with the song. It was so enjoyable watching all the other kids getting into the groove as they were singing their goodbyes to kindergarten, and excitement into the first grade! 
You can see them singing their version of New York, New York in which they changed it to "first grade, first grade" here.  This song was so suitable for Noah as he loves New York City! And here's about a minute of video singing Taio Cruz "Dynamite" in which they changed the words, but oh how cute is Noah with his dance moves and all! You can watch him shaking his bootie on my YouTube channel here. 
This post wouldn't be complete without adding a picture of his very first teacher outside the home...Ms. Letteri. What a great experience Noah had with her being his first teacher. She is such sweetheart, and I could see how much she really enjoys teaching. 
And so I end this post with a sweet note to Noah...

I can't believe that just a year ago you entered kindergarten not quite knowing how to tie your shoes, or expressing, and enunciating your words, and letters correctly. And rock it! You rock at writing short letters without hardly any help. You rock at helping someone else tie their shoes. You rock at counting endless numbers up to 200!! You rock at being the most helpful, kindest, sweetest, selfless little boy I've ever known! You are going to be a great leader someday, and my hope for you is that you carry all the positive experiences your learned, and any negativity (which was very rare) you experienced this year, and all that you were taught in kindergarten to the 1st grade, and the next year, and the next. Remember who you are, and that it's okay to get all muddy, and crazy when the time is right for it!! After all...that's what little boys are made of! 

Congrats kid! 

Here's looking forward to the 1st grade in the fall! 

Woot! Woot! 


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