Friday, June 3, 2016

What I'll Miss About South Jersey: Part Two

For the past two years Lexie has been a part of her high school jazz band, concert choir, Girl A Capella Group (known as the The Melodears), Vocal Resolution, and the concert band. Phew! How she pulls all that off on top of being an honors student, and attending other extra curricular activities is beyond me! She has contributed so much in being a part of these groups, and one thing for sure is that she will miss her teachers that taught her how to become a better musician, and vocalist. 

I know for sure that I will miss attending her performances with this particular band, and choir, but as long as we are living in the same state, and only an hour away we will try to make the time to come watch their spring concerts for the next two years. 
Everyone did an amazing job, and sitting in the front row gave me the perfect view to record a few songs, and musical numbers. I absolutely love how certain members of the jazz band gave improv solos with their instruments to the song called "Super Chicken" and how everyone rocked it! Lexie did a violin solo, and she was so fun to watch! 

You can view her solo here
Lexie's Violin Improv Solo '16 from Rose Jorgensen on Vimeo.

Here are a few other videos of the The Melodears singing a Beyonce Medley in which you can view here, and one of my personal favorites is the combination of Eleanor Rigby and Mad World songs in which you can watch here. I'm a huge Tears for Fears fan, and when the movie Donnie Darko was released years ago I fell in love with the new rendition of the song Mad World that Gary Jules wrote. Pretty impressive, and Vocal Resolution did an amazing job singing it. 
The energy that was felt at this concert was a bit overwhelming. At least it was for me. Maybe it's because we are relocating, and that this was Lexie's last concert. Maybe it was because she was given a small solo in one of the songs, or maybe it was because she gave a violin solo and felt comfortable doing it. Or maybe it's because her sister attended all four years of high school, and is Highland alumni, and Lexie will be alumni at another school district. Yeah...I think it's all of the above.  

It's super bittersweet knowing that this was her final performance, and concert, but she is pretty excited to start her junior year at a different high school, and make new friends. She sure has learned a lot attending here at Highland , and I know that she will take everything she has learned with her to her other school. 

What an amazing evening it was, and we look forward to keeping in touch with how the band, and choir do via social media, and hopefully we will make it to their spring concert next year! 

Oh, and Mr. will be missed! 

For more videos of the concert this year, and previous years in which you can see my oldest daughter in you can go to my YouTube Channel

Have a wonderful weekend folks! 

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