Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Highland Memories That Lexie Will Take With Her.

Never did I think I would ever move any of our kids in the middle of their high school career, but luckily this is happening during the summer, and not while school is in session. Although Lexie will miss her friends, she doesn't refute change, and knows that it'll be good for her too.

There are many things Lexie will miss about Highland. She has attended the same school district since the third grade, and has met many friends from all over the township. She truly treasures the friendships she made, and even though there were times when things became a bit overwhelming when it came to quizzes, final exams, school projects, music competitions, early morning seminary, and let me add this in...school drama, and I'm not talking about theatre or the musical, but petty drama when it came to her peers she has always managed to let it go, and love. Love is the answer to everything that becomes hard, and I hope that every time I mention that to her that she will be reminded of  it.

Another thing she will miss, and will always remember are her teachers. She was truly blessed with an amazing group of teachers this year, and even I liked them! Mr. Bruder, Ms. Weirski, Mr. Wonderlin, Ms. Loring, and the one and only Mr. Tumminia. What an amazing group of educators who truly go out of their way to help their students learn, and succeed. She will always remember the good times, the laughs, the teasing, the talks, and all experiences that helped her along the way to be the best student there is. 
I asked her what memories she will remember from certain teachers, and classes and of course mentioned Mr. Tumminia. He would tease her and call her jr. burrito. As some of y'all know her sister Sierra was the main pianist in the jazz band, three years ago, and everyone called her burrito. I know, weird right, but hey...that's kids for you, and many teachers have inside jokes with some of their students.  

And of course there was playing the piano in the Jazz band. Although she wasn't the main pianist in the band she was grateful for the opportunity to have played in it, and will always find the time to play piano. 
Mr. Wonderlin, her history teacher, and tennis coach was one of her faves too! I think it's because they are both major history geeks, and have a love for Hamilton.

 I remember when her group made a sheet cake that consisted of marshmallows, brownie mix, twiizzlers, cheerios, and jellybeans. Everyone was impressed with it, and although they weren't the winners they still passed with flying colors. And enjoyed eating their cake too! 

Oh the memories. Truly bittersweet. As her mother I'm so glad that she was always able to talk to me about her days at school. She truly is an amazing girl, and was so strong and involved as to and make her final year at highland acceptable. She's maintained a 4.0 and hope that it'll stay that way for the next two years! 

Best of luck to you Lex at your new school!! Your going to do great! 

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