Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fascinate-U Children's Museum.

Going back to North Carolina recently brought back so many memories especially while living  in Fayetteville. 
While Lexie was on her pioneer trekremembered this tiny museum we frequented a lot while living here. One thing I remembered about it was how small it was, and how affordable it was to go! This cute little museum brought back sooooooo many memories. The last time we were here was nine years ago when the girls were 12, 7, and two! I totally scrapbooked their moments at this place. It is amazing how time flies, and how simple life was back then when the girls were those ages. 

The Fascinate-U Museum is a quaint, tiny, and perfect setting for kids who have a short tension span. If you follow along on my snapchat (my username is r_jorgensen if you want to follow) you would have seen how quaint it was. It certainly isn't the Please touch museum but it's a perfect fit for the military town of Fayetteville. Noah had a pretty good time, but after a while got bored. I think he was expecting it to be like the Please Touch museum all big, and huge, but he humbled himself real quick after mentioning to him that because it's a small town they don't need a whole lot. He began to enjoy himself even more, and went on to different sections and...
Pretended to milk a cow...
 a fireman...
a construction worker...
 a newsman.
and even a postal worker.
There was even a set of pipes where you can grab a flip flop and bang on it! That was too funny, and I totally remembered Chelsea doing that when she was little. 

Chelsea made the best of her time here with her bro, and even though she was the oldest child in the museum she still managed to have fun. She attempted to slide down the fire pole, and because her legs are super long landed pretty quickly. She's so tall! (I was too busy laughing so I didn't capture any shots!)
She played Dr. J. with her pa, and made sure he was in good health! 
 the kids even put on a little talent show. I think Noah's favorite word the entire time was "ta-da!"
Even I participated in some play time, and was a judge to my kids. I was letting them know how much I appreciated them getting along, and having such a fun time here at the museum! I told them to keep up the good work throughout the rest of the trip, otherwise there will be some consequences! And to my surprise they actually got along! 
 This store is not as big as the "shop rite" grocery store inside the Philly's Please touch museum, but Noah still had a blast grabbing everything from the shelves, and putting them on the counter. 
I had a bit of a flashback of Sierra while Chelsea was sitting here as a weather girl. They were both about the same age.  Ahh...the memories. 
We sure had a wonderful time going down memory lane here at this museum. You can pretty much have the kids play with everything within two hours (or less.) It truly is the cutest place you can take your kids to. I would recommend them being no older than nine though! At any rate I think every kid will leave here being pretty fascinated. 

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