Thursday, June 23, 2016

North Carolina ZOO.

While in North Carolina we decided to venture out to North Carolina Zoo. We are a lover of all zoos, and because we have a boy who loves lions, and tigers, and bears we knew we just had to go take the kids. We've only been here once before, and and in all honesty can't remember all that we saw. All I remembered was how hot it was, and how ginormous this zoo was. Maybe that's why they call it the world's largest natural habitat zoo, because there literally is every animal in the book here! You have to literally enter at 9am to see everything by 5pm. One nice thing they do here is that if you arrive late in the day, and didn't get to see everything they will stamp your receipt, and give you the opportunity to come the next day and see the rest of the zoo. Nice huh?

Luckily we arrived at a decent time, and because our legs moved faster than lightening were able to see pretty much everything. They have two sections. The North America section, and the Africa section. We started off in North America because it's easier, and everything is down hill from there. It's a hilly zoo so if you plan on coming be prepared to walk up hills. Other than that it is a beautiful zoo with a lot of scenery, and so many animals to see. 
I was amazed at how wide of a space these animals had. Then again these large animals need a lot of space to move around in, and I think that's why zoo's in the city such as Philly and New York don't have too many animals becuase it's the city, and these animals need a lot of room to maneuver around in. 
 Noah wanted to see the animals closer and so we put some quarters in this large view finder, and he was so happy to see them through the looking glass. He only wished he could pet them! 
Alligators are cool, and all but after hearing about that incident in Orlando made me a bit nervous so I made sure Noah steered clear behind the plexi glass! Although it was secure the nervous mom comes out in me especially when I hear devastating zoo stories!
We continued to walk around, and take in all the sights. I tried to capture a few photos of every animal, but to no avail. I wanted to enjoy my time walking, and talking with my family as to what to see next, and just relax like all these animals were. 
Such a beautiful, but hot and humid day it was. I was so tempted to jump cross that fence, and into that fountain! 
 These lily pads are so pretty! 
 Noah really enjoyed watching the sea lions underwater. Look how relaxed he is!

These were planted all around the zoo. So beautiful! 
 Entering the Magnum desert had me feeling as if I was in Texas! I love cactus's! There were many kinds, and I had to get Noah away from it. He wanted to feel how pokey it was. Such a jersey boy! 
 Mandatory picture with my southern girl, because we are the only ones born in Texas! 
Because walking around makes you hungry! Noah saw pretzels, and immediately asked if he could have one. Sure son, they're only 4 bucks! Priceless! 
 No matter where we go if they give you a map he wants to lead, and help us find where to go next. He loves maps! 
 Papa's shoulders are a blessing when it comes to meandering in a large zoo! 
And when papa gets tired, Chelsea comes to the rescue to give him a piggy back ride. 
North Carolina is the perfect place for a zoo in a rural area, and we are so glad we made the time to come! Making new memories while reliving old ones is bittersweet, and we are so glad we were able to come out here, and explore more of this vast, extensive wide open space we call the world! 

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