Friday, July 1, 2016

Blessings At The Raleigh North Carolina Temple.

One of my favorite things I love to do while on vacation is that if there's a temple close by I would like to try to attend.

There was a moment when I thought we weren't going to attend the temple while we were in North Carolina recently especially when there's no visitors center or a big sister to watch Chelsea and Noah. Since Lexie was on a trek our plans for that day was to just stop by and walk along the grounds of the temple while capturing all of it's beauty. 
And what a small, cute temple it is! With beautiful flowers on the ground! 

I forgot how small it was, and walking on the grounds brought back so many memories of when I lived here. We spent most of the afternoon there, and before we knew it the next session was about to commence.

I was itching to go, and Jon was like, "I'd like to go too, but who's going to watch the kids?" 

We'll, luckily the church building was open and because it was so hot outside we went in, and relaxed while the kids went into one of the rooms to play the piano. 

That's when I had an idea. 

I didn't see the harm in leaving the kids alone at the church, and with Chelsea being six months away from her 12th birthday felt comfortable to have her watch her brother while we attended the temple.

Then a blessing came. 

We saw elder missionaries, and a few cub scouts walking into the church. There seemed to be some sort of activity going on which made me feel even more secure of leaving our children alone in the church building for a couple of hours. 

Jon and I felt so impressed to just do it, and gave the kids kisses, and hugs, and a "please be on your best behavior" talk upon leaving. 

And we are so glad we felt that prompting to just go, and had a wonderful time at the temple. 
Attending the temple on that day was something I really needed especially with all that was going on in our life with the move, and all. Entering inside always increases my gratitude for life, and my family. It truly makes me love my family even more! I only wish Sierra and Lexie were with us to take a photo together like  we did years ago (except Noah wasn't born.) 
Circa, 2008
It's amazing how much Heavenly Father knows our desires, and because it had been months since Jon's been to the temple knew this was an opportunity to attend, and to not let it pass us by. The man above was definitely looking out for us on this day!

So grateful to have the church and its members be our babysitter, and to have made time while on a mini vacay to attend the House of the Lord. 

Here's hoping for many more temple trips in the future, and that everyone has a fun, and safe Fourth of July weekend! 

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