Monday, July 4, 2016

Our Fourth of July in Kirtland, Ohio.

Our Fourth of July this year was very different. We didn't go to any parades, or watch fireworks. We didn't BBQ, go to the beach, or drive to D.C. to remember those who fought and continue to fight for our freedoms.

Instead, in the midst of all the moving we've done these past few days, and settling in our new home we drove six hours to Kirtland, Ohio where we dropped off our 16 year old daughter to attend EFY (especially for youth church program).

And we didn't mind. 

We have had this trip paid and planned for her since January, and have been looking forward to it for the past six months. Thing is we didn't know we were going to move in July. It all worked out, and we are so happy to somewhat be settled in and to have arrived safely to Kirtland. 

We have definitely turned into church history geeks, and took advantage of the church history sites. 

One being the Kirtland temple.
Although it's not a "working" temple or part of the LDS church, it stands as a memorial and monument of the saints devoted faith in giving up their worldly possessions to be able to help build this beautiful building.
And it's ancient! It was established in 1834, and everything inside the temple is unique in its features, and is like no other temple built today.
Because it's the Fourth of July we had the lovely Katherine who was dressed in 19th century garb as our tour guide to tell us more about the history, and we were grateful for her presentation. I was really into her perception of what her knowledge is in regards to the temple so I didn't capture any photos. I figured it would be okay to take a couple of shots since it's not "dedicated" or no longer part of our church.
It is absolutely gorgeous inside and can picture hundreds of saints gathering inside to worship.

After the tour we walked along the grounds where it's surrounded by a beautiful garden of various flowers.
And read the signs on the grounds...
We then headed on over to the LDS visitors center where we had church missionaries tell us accurate information about the history of the saints in Kirtland. 

I loved walking around the grounds of the visitors center, and to learn more about the sites. One being the Whitney store. I can imagine it thriving back in the day. 
It truly was a beautiful day to take a tour, and although I'm beginning to feel tiresome from the move and driving, learning more about this wonderful church I belong to was so worth the six hour drive! 
So yeah...this fourth of July was perfect. 

Hope everyone had a safe holiday and that we will always count our blessings for living in the home of the brave, and to remember those fir allowing us to do so! ! 

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