Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Scenes From Inside The N.K. Whitney Home.

One of my favorite "heavenly moments" was when we went to Kirtland, Ohio to visit a lot of the church sites, but most particularly entering inside the N.K. Whiney store. I know I'm a little late in sharing some photos of what it looks like from inside the N.K. Whiney store, but felt the need to share such a wonderful experience through pictures, and because there is so much significance behind the story of this great bishop couldn't help but to share a little bit of church history. 

This historic church site was one of my favorites, and when you see the pictures you'll see why. This store is amazing, and although 90 percent of the things inside the store is replicated they all seemed authentic. I've written a snippet underneath a few photos as to what it is, and did my best to remember what it's purpose was. The first few photos represent the goods that the store sold, and on the counter had a catalog of all the prices. Everything was from 5 cents to 30 dollars. Pretty amazing.  
  This is the bed where the prophet Joseph Smith and Emma slept on. They stayed with the Whitneys for a while, and look how cute is the bed underneath where they laid their twins on. 
This bed was an extra for any of the workers who needed a place to stay. Can you imagine sleeping in such an uncomfortable, narrow looking bed?
 This flooring is the original flooring inside the house, and those are my feet with black tennis shoes on. 
Can you believe that the Bishops storehouse started out in this house inside this small room? Absolutely amazing! Now we have storehouses that look like grocery stores all over the nation for those families who are in need. 
The story behind N.K. Whitney is so inspiring, and to be inside this place where the prophet once stood is very special. Especially since he felt the prompting to come here because Bishop Whitney had prayed for him to come through prayer. 

There is so much church history here in Kirtland, and when you come visit all the sites you'll leave with so much appreciation for all the men and women who each had a role in the life here. Such stalwart members of the church, and a great example to me! Really enjoyed our time here, and we look forward to returning again...especially since we didn't take pictures of the headstones of Jon's ancestors! 

A little late in wishing everyone a Happy Pioneer Day, but i hope that everyone out west, and all over the nation celebrated with joy in remembrance of what our pioneers went through for us to have the gospel today! 

To read more about the N.K. Whitney store you can read all about it here.

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