Monday, July 11, 2016

Summertime Happiness!

Last week had to of been one of the hottest weeks ever this summer. We had just moved into the new house, and because we were in need of a major "time out" from getting situated, (plus the kids have been pestering me to go to the beach since we moved in) we decided to venture out and have some fun in the sun!
As we were walking towards the beach I spotted these beautiful hydrangeas. I actually have a hydrangea bush in the front of my house and it gets me all excited to care for it as it is my favorite flower! 
When we arrived the kids began eyeing out the perfect spot to set our stuff so that Noah can start digging in the sand! He's so proud of his shovels! 
Good thing the water stays cold here, because it felt so good having the waves crashing down my feet on this hot day!
and these two...
They had a blast! 

Noah has become very fond of the ocean. When he was a year old he did not like the water touching his feet at all!
And now he will run towards the waves, and jump in the water.
He has become more bold in the ocean which tells me that I need to get him into some serious swimming lessons.
Chelsea is a major beach bum and will test the waters and go in as far as the ocean will let her which scares me.
She does mind me when I tell her to "watch out for the undertow."
I captured a few shots of her holding  Noah while jumping on the waves.
And times where she would pretend to be a mermaid.
Noah would take breaks in between and play in the sand with his Tonka truck.
He's had this truck since he was a baby and I don't think I'll ever get rid of it! He wouldn't let me anyway! 
After some hardcore splashing in the ocean we ate some yummy tasting food on the boardwalk such as pizza, 
 Our favorite carb French fries,
and the kids favorite...fried Oreos!
Not the healthiest, but if done right it is super delicious!
Five hours went by too quickly, and because I wanted to burn off all the junk food we ate we stayed a little while longer to play on the pirate ship.
It is mandatory to play at the pirate ship park every time we come here!
 I'll tell ya though...chasing a six-year-old on the sand can really give you a workout!
As much as I always want all of us to come as a family at times it's impossible. 

However, I am grateful to have some time spent with just these two so that I can give them my full attention. 
We absolutely love the ocean and we'll definitely be back for more!

Here's hoping everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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