Monday, July 18, 2016

Martin Creed Exhibit At The Park Avenue Armory.

Over the weekend we ventured out to the city to check out Martin Creed's exhibit called "the back door(and it literally was the back door) and it was epic. It featured sculptural interventions, and unique installations, and a few rooms in which they viewed films with basic human art, exposing the rawness of our humanity. Showing emotions, feelings, and actions and how they make us who we really are. That's the thing I love about museums is that you never know what these artists are going to come up with. The exhibits here at the armory were so simple, and precise. There were different rooms where you entered in including one where the lights are going on and off.

One of the kids favorite rooms in which we ended going back twice per Noah's request was the balloon room. The usher told us that there were at least 900 balloons. For those of you who follow my snapchat (and in case you don't it's r_jorgensen) I snap-chatted the heck out of this room.
This particular exhibit is titled “Half the air in a given space" and I can see why. There was so much excitement walking through such a grandiose room trying to follow the ushers voice on the other side to find our way out. The kids were having too much fun that they didn't want to leave. It was like having a huge birthday party without the people. Just pure balloons! We tried to be careful walking through, but Chelsea popped a balloon in the process. Good thing we had cool ushers who didn't mind. It was so hard to take decent photos while being surrounded by huge balloons, and even though the lighting wasn't so great I still managed to capture a few sweet moments of the kids having fun. 

This museum is absolutely beautiful and felt as if I was walking into the 19th century. There is an installation of Creed's abstract, and military paintings that adorned the walls.
When we walked into the room full of silver all Noah noticed was the stack of legos. Unique way of catching someone's attention. Particularly a six-year old.
 See what I mean by simple and precise. A stack of empty cardboard boxes.
 And a stack of chairs.
Random photo with bad lighting that Lexie took of us in the hallway. Tried to edit it to the best of my editing skills!
And a selfie that Noah wanted to take with me, and the cactuses. He says, "you're from texas so let me take a selfie with you."
When we walked into this room full of closets lexie was like, "Narnia!"
This room was another favorite because it had a grand white piano. Unique thing about this piano is that it is transformed into a percussive instrument, and every hour the lid will slam six times. Freaked me out a bit, but hey...that's a form of art right?
Music has always played a significant role in Creed's work. As we were walking on the ground floor we saw a group of musicians roaming through the hall playing various instruments. I read that it was composed, and choreographed by Creed. It was so cool to hear them from a distance, and Noah would quickly run to where they were at to hear them play again. They did this all day throughout the Armory's rooms and corridors.
We had such an amazing time here, and New york never disappoints. We love that we are closer to the city, and hope to venture out to this favorite city of ours more often. We ended our day by walking to central park, and ate a few hot dogs. Gotta have that new york hot dog upon leaving. It truly was a great summer day!

**By the way...this exhibit runs through August 7th if you'd like to come see it. It truly is something else. 

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