Wednesday, July 6, 2016

An Evening With The Horne's In NC.

I'd be amiss on my blog if I didn't mention our visit with the Horne family while visiting North Carolina. We have known them the entire time of living in South Jersey. The friendship Darlene and I slowly developed after writing her numerous cards to meet her was so worth the wait. I love this family, and we are so grateful for their friendship, and to have them in our lives. 

This family has sure come along way with all they endured when their only son Seth became diagnosed with Crohn's disease, and throughout their years of tears, and frustration was strength, and endurance. 

Especially Seth. He was the true trooper! 

And today, he is a healthy, and handsome, looking young man.
He became Noah's best friend on this day especially after giving him all of his transformers!! It was like Christmas for Noah, and he will always remember Seth for his generosity. I think these two long for a brother, and it warmed my heart to have seen them together. 

I love the family bond that they have for each other. You can see the adoration their twin daughters have for their father, and the appreciation their kids have for them. I love how well they all keep it together as a family. No matter what they have gone through, and how much they miss their friends back in jersey I can see how much they love living in North Carolina. 

There were even times on our visit where I became a tad bit jealous. As much as I love living in the east there are moments where I miss everything that comes with the south. The southern hospitality, the food (love those CookOut burgers), and the hugs. And the Horne's were the perfect example of all those things. The south has truly rubbed off on them even more!
Love that Darlene is big on hugs now because when I first met her she was a bit of a non-hugger (at least she was with me!) A beautiful soul she is in every aspect. The dinner she made on our last day was exquisite, and to have celebrated the twins birthday on Father's day out of all days was so fun! Lexie was especially happy to have seen them again. 
Visiting with the Horne's before going back to Jersey was indeed the perfect ending of our North Carolina trip, and we will definitely be back for more visits. 

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