Monday, July 25, 2016

Girls Camp '16

Girls camp is over, and my girl is back. Although Lexie is exhausted she had a ton of fun. She always makes the best out of girls camp, and the friendships she builds with the girls grows stronger every year. 

Especially since it was her last year attending girls camp in the Cherry Hill Stake.  

This years theme was "There's No Place Like Home." 

When I asked her what exactly the theme entailed she tried to explain it the best way she can to me as to how the theme connected to the gospel, but she said the leaders did a great job, and she had an amazing week. 

One of her favorite parts was when they went on a hike, and how in the beginning of the hike each spot they passed represented a burden. Burdens such as sexual sin, eating disorders, family issues, betrayal, self esteem issues, porn issues, drugs. There were so many burdens, and as they passed each one more rocks were being put inside their backpack which caused it to be heavier. There even came a point where leaders had to somewhat help the girls carry it, and at the end the girls carried it themselves all the way to the finish line. Lexie said it was a very spiritual hike because of what it represented, and how there were so many tears being shed. The point of that whole experience is that it is indeed hard to carry all those burdens, and even though there are people there to help you along the way, the ultimate key in relieving those burdens is relying on The Lord at all times so He can ease off those pressures. 

Girls camp is an amazing program, and I will forever be grateful for having been a part of it last year. My time spent at girls camp last year was interesting, and I had a nice time. My favorite part was seeing the girls having a great time, smiling, being themselves, and building their testimony. 
// Selfie by Ashley. //

It sure helps when you have amazing leaders like Sister Jensen. Lexie rode up to camp with her, and her daughter Ashley. Love this family with all my heart! 

With all the negativity, and horrible things that are going on in the world today it's so important to remind our girls the goodness there is in this world. Just as Dorothy had a happy ending in the wizard of oz, and meeting friends along the way like the lion, tin man, and scarecrow, that we can all learn and grow, and choose the right path in this life. 
 // The girls had a color run, and they all had a blast. //  

So grateful for girls camp, and we're excited to see what our new ward brings to the plate next year when Lexie attends a whole new camp with a whole new different group of friends! 

I also love this video that the church put out when it comes to the values of the young women. Such a sweet video! 

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