Saturday, July 16, 2016

Hill Cumorah Pageant '16

The past couple of weeks of July have gone by so fast that it seems as if we came back from upstate New York yesterday! After blogging about Lexie attending EFY in Kirtland yesterday I realized that i didn't document our spontaneous, quick trip to Palmyra to catch the Hill Cumorah Pageant. 

When we picked up Lexie on saturday morning we figured we weren't too far from Palmyra, and we all decided to take advantage and watch the pageant. It's become tradition, and we didn't want to break tradition! Counting our blessings for five hour energy drinks in which Jon takes only when we drive more than five hours, and in this case we did. 

We normally stay overnight at a friends home in Palmrya, but ended up going home right after the pageant. We figured since it was so last minute not to impose on them. Come to find out they weren't home all weekend due to a reception, and when I mentioned to them how we were there the weekend they were gone said how we could have had their whole house to ourselves! Such awesomeness coming from great friends, but it was meant for us to go straight home, and even though we arrived at 5am we still managed to attend church at 9am! Jon and I were running on fumes, but were coherent during sunday school, and I was asked to teach on the temple next week which is tomorrow! I think all the commenting I've done in class in this ward has prompted the Relief Society President to ask me to teach! I'm excited to finally teach a lesson. I hadn't taught one in so long, and the time couldn't be more perfect. Especially since we have the Philadelphia temple ready to open the doors to the public. I have been preparing my lesson in hopes that it'll inspire at least one person! 
The pageant, as always is spiritually amazing! We just love coming here. We had the time to walk through the sacred grove, and go by the temple. 
Another small, beautiful temple! 
Wish we had time to go through, but it was nice to walk the grounds, and capture these cute kids in front of the sign with such beautiful flowers. I look at this picture compared to last years post, and the kids somewhat look the same, but are still getting older. Wish they wouldn't! 
As always Jon took the kids on a "prophet hunt." Noah was so excited, and always looks forward to this. It's almost like an "i spy a prophet" game. He is getting better at becoming familiar with the prophets from the book of mormon. I know that by teaching him at home, and especially when we come here that it helps him to remember who they are, and what they did, as well as beginning to appreciate their role in how they lived their life. 
Here are a few photos of a few prophets he spotted. Of course the first one that caught his eye was Joseph Smith. 
 Here's my sweet Noah with the not so nice Noah!
 Like me Noah has a few favorite prophets. There are just so many that were such great examples to the world. Here he is with Abinadi.
and here are all the kids with two of Lehi's sons Nephi, and the not so nice Laman. 

We absolutey love coming here every year. It's like spiritual food, and going to Kirtland before coming here was perfect! So grateful for these opportunities, and the blessings that come from it. Here's hoping that everyone will make it to the pageant someday. It'll truly change your life, and you'll leave feeling so inspired

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