Friday, July 15, 2016

What Matters Most- EFY In Kirtland

"Mom, thank you for letting me come to Kirtland for EFY. I learned so much here, and everything that was taught to me has helped me in so many ways." That was the text I received from Lexie on the day we were in route back to Kirtland to pick her up from EFY. I felt her spirit through that text so strongly, and couldn't wait to arrive so that she can tell us all about her experiences. 

Although we saw all the church sites together earlier in the week having her go again with her company was extremely special. She had the opportunity to tour everything twice, and to really take in all the history and stories of the Church sites in this part of Ohio. 

But most of all to really appreciate it, and to know that she comes here for a spiritual purpose. 

I am so happy that she chose to come to Kirtland this year. It truly was a special, and unique experience for her compared to when she went to EFY in Buena Vista last summer. Don't get her wrong, she absolutely loved her first experience, but she mentioned that because this particular session was all hands-on talking about church history, and actually being at the sites made it a unique experience. She chose this location on her own motive, and we were obliged to drive her there. 
Her company was amazing, and her roommate Julia was an absolute gem. 

There were only two girls to a dorm this year as opposed to four girls to a dorm back in Virginia, and I think that because it was just the two of them that they really took the time to bond, and get to know each other. Lexie is all for making new friends no matter where she goes, and she made a very special one here.
Her entire company seemed so unified, and when she told me the stories of all that they did, she mentioned that everyone was extremely happy to be together and to have met one another. She absolutely loves her counselor, and mentioned that they didn't allow any "cliques" to be created, and if there were any signs of that the counselor would nip that in the bud. Now that's my kind of counselor! 
Since Lexie didn't have a smartphone she took a few Polaroids, and here are a few photos that Julia sent me from their week at EFY.
The kids toured the N.K. Whitney Store at the visitors center, and Lexie found it intriguing to hear the stories behind N.K. Whitney, Isaac Morley, and John Johnson. 
Here's the lovely Julia again whom I could tell was going to be an awesome roomie and friend to Lexie. Especially since she called me "fly" for having a snapchat! I love her and hope to see her again soon! 
I always enjoyed hearing Sierra's experiences when she attended EFY and to have heard Lexie's is so different. So cool to have two daughters tell me of their similar, yet unique experiences and feelings of EFY and for me as a mother to listen to it in different perspectives. 
I'm so grateful that these youth had a great week. They have all been in contact since they went home, and for once I actually heard Lexie talking, not texting on the phone to her friends that she met here! Very rare for teens to talk on the phone these days, and it was a nice sight to hear Lexie actually talking and not texting. 
I totally saw that her entire company were going to miss each other. They called themselves the Partridge family (which they're holding a banner in the first photo I posted). I can see in the pictures that it's all bittersweet.

So grateful for this program that puts the special editions of EFY together. They were having one in Nauvoo and palmyra, but because Lex had never been to Kirtland decided to go there. 

And I'm so glad she picked that location, and that we all went! 

Like the theme this year, "what matters most" Lexie really took that to heart, and hopes to always be better in putting what matters most first. Especially the things that lead us to Jesus Christ. 

"If life and its rushed pace, and many stresses have made it difficult for you to feel like rejoicing, then perhaps now is a good time to refocus on what matters most."

Brothers, and sisters, diligently doing the things that matter most will lead us to the Savior of the world." 
-Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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