Friday, July 22, 2016


Two words for this kid, "Stop Growing!" 

No seriously. 

As much as i love his independence, and getting older looking more, and more like he's 12 I can't help, but to want to slow time down because the next thing you know he'll be towering over me. I love his catch phrases, and all the silly things he says and here are a few that Lexie, and I have remembered him saying. 

Noah checked out a book the other day on sharks, and as he was reading it asked that since we go fishing, if "we can go sharking."

I have to say that Noah is the most affectionate boy! I'm not sure if I should be worried because, you know...girls, but then again he is half-mexican so my affectionate attributes will rub off on him. He's been expressing a lot of love lately by giving hugs, and giving a peck on my hand, and whenever I say "i love you more" to him, he'll say, "I love you better."

After watching spider-man for the fiftieth time Noah will grab the strings from the blinds in our living room, and say, "look Lexie, I'm swinging on my webs." 

Jon is so talented that not only can he do the mechanical labor on our own car, but he can cut his own hair too (what's left of it!) So Noah decided to sit in and watch him trim it. In the middle of trimming it he said, "daddy, your taking off the brown, and putting on the grey."

For those of you who have seen the movie The Age of Adeline there is a part in the movie (and I hope I don't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it) where her dog dies. Noah said, "she could always get some feathers, and put another dog together since they are full of fir." 

The other day Noah asked me a random question. He asked if he was ever covered in blood. I told him no. He then said, "yes i have." I said to him, "really, when? He said, "when I was born." Apparently he was looking through his scrapbook with his sisters, and saw a picture of him when he first came out of my belly...literally (i had a c-section with him). 

There's more where all that came from, but I'm not going to wrack my brain to remember the funniest thing he said just last night! Why can't I remember!! Oh well, it'll come. 

I hope these noahisms puts a smile to your Friday! 

Happy weekend folks! 

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