Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Coney Island!

The last time we went to Coney Island was the summer of 2013. Sierra had just graduated from high school, and we wanted to do something fun as a family before she went off for college. This has been one of our favorite theme parks to venture out to since our girls were little, and even though this particular outing hasn't become tradition it's nice to come every once in a while to enjoy the rides, and take in the oceanic smell of Brooklyn. 

This year our dear friend Maggie who is like family joined in on the fun with us. The kids call her aunt maggie, and I love her like a sister. We all had such a blast, and seeing Maggie letting her wiggles out by dancing with the Coney Island dancers on the boardwalk made me want to boogie on down myself, but was too chicken to join in! It has been at least 25 years since dancing in a major public forum and to me this was major. The Coney Island dancers had some awesome moves, and I'm so glad maggie joined in without a care in the world because that's what Coney Island is all about...having fun. Totally reminded me of the time Sierra sang "Sunday Morning" in front of a large crowd on the boardwalk! 

We could have seriously been here all day, and we practically were! We ended up leaving late in the evening. That's how much we all didn't want to leave! I made a little video about our day, and you can view it on my YouTube channel here.

A must have when you come to Coney is eating a Nathan's hot dog, and a pretzel.
No matter where we are in NYC a pretzel is a must have for Noah. This kid can eat them all day long! 
This year we decided to ride the rides at Luna Park. We figured since the kids are much older that they can ride the "adult" rides, and Luna park had some of the best rides! Noah got to ride some of the rides too. He has seriously outgrown the kiddie park, and has upgraded to much "bigger" rides.

Noah played a fishing game, and because he caught a fish (you can see it on the video) thought he was going home with one of the stuffed animals from above, but instead got this blue soda pop buddy. He wasn't too pleased. 

The girls were thrilled to have ridden the Cyclone. Chelsea was four when we first came here, and was bummed that she had to ride the kiddie roller coaster, but after riding the cyclone now understands why she couldn't ride it at such a young age. They had a blast riding various rides! 
This was seriously a fun ride. Noah had so much fun that he wanted to ride it twice, and I'm so glad I got to ride in a log with my little guy! 
Chelsea has become a cop junkie, and loves the show blue bloods. It scares me a bit, because she'd like to be a cop, and/or an FBI agent when she grows up! She has the strong personality to do it, and put the bad guys away, and would be good at it. I've seen her upset, and trust me, you don't want to get on her bad side!  
I actually blame myself for encouraging her because I actually enjoy watching Blue Bloods as well as Criminal Minds myself, and she obviously has developed a love for those shows. Don't think she'll be watching too much of it during the school year though!
Anyway, we decided to try out Wahlburgers, and the food was pretty darn good! Those onion rings were super delicious! 
Couldn't pass posting this photo of a beach towel that read "Warriors." For those of you who are familiar with "The warriors" would understand why I posted this! Love that movie! 
We had such an amazing day making memories as a family. It's times like this where you need to have that inner child come out, and release all the stress that you didn't get to when you were young. I'm speaking for myself. I never had opportunities like this as a child, and I'm so grateful that we were able to come again, and let the kids have a little fun before school resumed! 

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