Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Apple Picking In Fishkill Farms, NY.

Next to summer fall is a favorite in this family, and since it finally arrived we decided to do a little apple picking. Since it was my birthday I decided where to go on this traditional adventure, and ended up going to a different farm in Fishkill along the Hudson valley. We love venturing out to different orchards, and this one is at the top of our list! Lexie was really excited since she's never been. The times we've gone have been during the day when she's been at school staying until 5pm. This time we went on a Saturday where it was all play and no work. It was so nice to have gone out as a family, and even though we can easily go to our local farmers market and buy apples in a bag, and go home, there's something special and fun about going through an orchard and picking with the family.  It's an adventure for the kids, and boy did they have fun! Noah is getting older and wiser when it comes to picking anything in an orchard. Just as he was when we picked strawberries. He's very particular in what he picks, and wants the apples to be perfect without any damage, or bruising. 

I captured a few moments of this sweet family of mine pickin. I swear I get carried away taking pictures, but I love documenting every event we do because this is something that's so bonding to do as a family, and hope that the kids will start this tradition when they have a family of their own. 
Noah was so cute, and was determined to pick a lot of apples from the tree even while on his tippy toes. Both Jon, and Lexie had to help him out quite a bit. 
And of course Chelsea wanted papa to lift her up too. He obliged, and didn't care if she weighed 90 pounds! This scene brought back some memories of when we first went apple picking. Chelsea was six! 
Lexie loves fruits and vegetables, and she was serious in her apple picking. She had a look of concentration as she was going through the orchard trying to find that perfect apple. 
My crazy girl doing a little apple dance.
As we we were walking towards the farmers market we noticed a chicken coop, and Noah wanted to take a gander at them for a while. 
We then passed this beautiful sunflower garden! There were so many! So many that it was too pretty not to take pictures so I captured a few. 
As usual we chowed down on some grub including eating some apple cider donuts! Eating apple cider donuts, and drinking apple cider is a must when you go apple picking! 
And ice cream! Noah insisted that we get him an ice cream cone. He said, "mom, we should try one just to see how it tastes. Just one mom." I couldn't say no to that, and it was delicious! 
We all also had some time for Noah to play in the haystacks. He had so much fun pretending to be spider man jumping from hay stack to haystack. Or in his case, building to building. 

I couldn't believe how long we were here. It was sundown when we left, but man oh man I can just imagine how this place looks like in the heart of fall. 
We will just have to find out when we come back to go pumpkin picking. As much as we love pumpkin picking at this farm, we just might venture out to Fishkill again to grab ourselves some pumpkins. 


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