Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fellowshipping When It Comes To The Mormon Religion.

When the temple was first announced I made it a goal that when it was finally built to be open to the public that I would bring at least one soul to come and feel what I feel when I enter inside. And to get an idea of what temples are all about. 

And I did. 

Words cannot express how great it feels to share the love I have for the Lord, the temples, and His gospel. It is something that I have learned to do in a subtle, kind, tactful, and fearless way. I love the euphoric feeling I get after I've shared my conversion story, and testimony of the Savior, and the Book of Mormon. I have such a passion for sharing, and I'm so grateful that my lovely friend Cherie accepted my invitation in coming with me. She loved every part of the tour, the fact that families can be together forever. She loves the whole purpose of what temples are all about, and even though she had a few questions that were a tad bit hard for me to answer it's nice to know that I can turn to the scriptures to give her a more accurate one! 
A week before I brought Cherie I drove and picked up my dear friend, and her girls, and we all toured the temple together. It's so nice to also bring someone who has been a member less that six years, and no matter what trials they may face they know that the church is true, and that they had the desire to attend the open house in hopes to become a better person. This is my hope for me too! This is exactly why I love going to the temple! So that we can spiritually grow, and do better. 
I have learned that no matter what religion others may be, and what struggles someone may be going through which causes us not to attend church more often that love, communication, and reaching out in being a friend, having a genuine love, and understanding in what they're going through will help uplift them, and give them the extra strength they need to help keep them going. We all need friends like that in our lives who will help build us up in wanting to do more for ourselves so that we can be able to serve others. 
I love that Chelsea has such a strong love for the temple at such a young age, and she's not even 12 yet! Once she turns 12 she has already decided which temple she'd like to go to with her little recommend to do work in, and that is the Hartford Temple! How fortunate we are to be having another temple built in the east coast! 
Love, love that we have so many temples close to us, and when I read the numbers of how many people attended the open house for the Philly temple blew me away! Over 140,000! What a wonderful blessing for our area to see much fruit! It is my hope that we can all make the time to attend this temple now that some of us live less than an hour away! 

The Philadelphia temple is now closed to the public, but if you are willing to drive a few hours to attend the open house for the temple in Connecticut it begins on September 22nd through October 30th. I implore you to please make the time to go! We've already had a glimpse of it from the corner grounds, and look forward to touring inside it! 

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