Friday, September 2, 2016

Coney Waffle on the Beach.

I can't get enough of the beach and if you follow me on Instagram or snapchat you'll see why. I have been having way too much fun lately with these kids, and going to the beach this summer has definitely been on the top of my list. You know...sometimes it's the little trips we take in our own backyard that make us happy! And by looking at these batch of photos everyone had a grand time! 

Especially Noah. 

He is beginning to love the water so much that he wants Lexie to get him in further into the water. 
Me...I'm not that great of a swimmer so I stay in the shallow part, but boy were those waves in full force that day! They kept knocking us down, and every time they did we'd laugh so hard! 
Although Lexie was getting familiar with shakespeare by reading Macbeth, she decided to take a little break and go in the water. She even let me take pictures of her! 
The kids are always down when I mention "beach day" and with Lexie's busy schedule with tennis practice, and just running back and forth getting the kids school supplies, and shopping for necessities really needed this time out! The girls have also been working really hard on their summer homework so I really wanted to take them out for one more belmar beach day, and...get a yummy treat ! 
And it wasn't our usual fried oreos! 

There's a place called Coney Waffle on the beach, and when I found out that they added these ginormous milkshakes to their menu I knew that these girls would jump on the wagon to have one! 
This here is what you call the "cookies and cream wonder wheel"milkshake topped with lots and lots of sweet treats including a waffle! If you've been to Coney Island you'll understand the name behind these milkshakes. They are all based on the rides there. 
Being that it was a weekday the lines weren't too bad, and we were in and out in about 30 minutes. This cup of sugar filled all of us up. I recommend getting one milkshake for a family of five, and maybe two if you have four or more kids! It was pretty tasty, and even though I'd like to try Black Tap in New york city someday, having the wonder wheel which is closer to home was pretty sastifying! And as my friend Amanda said on my instagram story, "Top that black tap!"
Here's hoping everyone has a fun, and safe Labor day weekend! 

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