Monday, September 12, 2016

A New Team, & On Winning Her First Tennis Match.

I love this time of year when the weather starts cooling down where I can sit and watch my girl play tennis. When I went to Lexie's first official tennis match last week I noticed her rocking her school colors. They just got their tennis uniforms and I think red and black suits her. If you notice her tennis shoes they are the same as her school colors. I bought them back in April and little did we know we'd be moving to a school with those same exact colors! When I noticed that I said to Lexie, "this school is meant to be!"

I missed the first part of her game due to Noah's bus coming home so late. The first week of school tends to be a little chaotic with buses arriving, and dropping off late. Her match began at 4:30, and because we had to drive 15 minutes to her location arrived close to 5pm causing us to miss the first part of her game. Luckily I caught a glimpse of her backhand, and she and her new partner killed it! Score was 6-2.
Abi is her new tennis partner, and in some cool way reminds me of her tennis partner back at highland. I've met most of the girls on the team and these group of girls for the most part are polite, and sweet. It makes me feel good seeing that Lexie has meshed in real well with the team. Here, in this part of Jersey kids and coaches take tennis seriously. Tennis is a lifestyle, and not just a sport, and that's what Lexie likes about it. There are girls on the team who have been taking lessons since they were six, and play really well. Lexie has a genuine love for the game, and tries her best to practice so she can play her best. Her coaches are really kind, and easy to talk to and I can see that they work really well with these girls. 

Lexie's goal is to become good enough to play in college, and I know she can do it. If she practices hard enough she can do it! 

I'm happy that she feels confident, and comfortable on her new tennis team, and that she has fun playing the game! And from what I have been seeing during her practices throughout the summer, and her first game she  already is!
I think it also helps knowing that she has a cute little brother who likes to photobomb pictures! The girls think he is the cutest thing alive! 

Have a great season Lexie!  

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