Monday, September 26, 2016

A Few Thoughts From General Women's Session.

What an amazing session of women's conference we had this fall! We are so blessed to be a part of a worldwide sisterhood where we can gather together to hear the words of our church leaders. I am so grateful to be part of a church where we have leaders that will inspire us with their words to help better ourselves. Some of us come to conference with joy looking forward to the talks to help remind us to be an even better and stronger sister in Christ, and some of us come brokenhearted, or sad hoping to hear words of comfort. If you choose the latter I guarantee you will leave feeling hopeful, peaceful, and saying to yourself, "I can do this. I can handle this. I am strong." Attending womens session is so inspiring, and the testimony I have for it is way too strong in emotion. With the way the world is today filling the youth with Satan's lies, and all that is good which is really bad it's times like this where hearing the words from our church leaders are comforting. I have so much appreciation for them at how well they prepare their talks so that we can be inspired and uplifted to know that the things they are saying will benefit us in this life. That no matter how hard things get in the way of our day to day that the Lord is there for us no matter what. That if we have faith in the things we believe in that we don't have to see with our eyes, but with our heart. That we can pray for things that we stand in need of, and really listen. And listen differently. To build our patience up through prayer especially when prayers go unanswered. And to trust in the Lord's timing. 

Every talk as always was unique, and something that we all needed to here. These talks were meant for every age group! From age eight to 98! And even though I feel as if I'm doing pretty okay with my life in regards to the Lord, I know I can do so much more! I want my children to continue to spiritually grow in the gospel so that they can be guided by the spirit in leading them to make wise choices. My hope for them is to never give into satan's lies, and to know right from wrong. 

In one of the talks they mentioned how we live in perilous times, but we also live in the fullness of times. How true that is! I love hearing that because even though there are going to be times where I feel like I'm failing as a mother, or overall a human being going through troubled times I can choose to let it strenghten me instead of weakening me. There have been times where my weakness in learning to trust in the Lord was difficult, and depending on the day, situation, and mood they still are. But I know that if I continuously strive to do better, and build my testimony in trusting in the Lord that those blessings will come, and I have witnessed it!

A couple of quotes stood out to me as I watched this session, and I'd like to share a few. All the talks were well written, and wish I could jot all of them down for you, but these are the two that really spoke to me. 

"Our obligation and privilege is to embrace improvement, and every one as we strive to live like the Savior." I really needed to hear this because I am so not perfect in this! Especially when it comes to my children, and who they are friends with. My take away from this is that we should all be looking for progress in one another. Friends, and family included! 

I also liked this excerpt from Carole Stephens,  "Hope and healing are not found in the dark abyss of secrecy, but in the light and life of Jesus Christ." 

Bonnie Oscarson's talk was one of my favorites and since it's too long to jot down you can listen to her talk here. I love how her words help me become a better person. 

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk was, as solid, and stellar, and you can listen to it here. He's such an inspiration of gentle wisdom who doesn't lecture or demands. My favorite snippet from his talk..."We may not understand why certain things happen or why certain prayers go unanswered,  but we can know that in the end that everything will make sense."

This session was nothing short of a gift. It was filled with so much power, truth, and love. My heart was filled with so much gratitude as I spent this day with my family, and the fact that this particular session ended up broadcasting on the day of my birthday was extra special. I loved watching it with my girls, and pray that they will always take away something from each talk. I know that if I "bring the gospel into my home" that life will better. That God will never leave our side. I testify that Jesus lives, and shows the right way to everyone, so that we can be able to do better! 

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