Sunday, September 11, 2016

Remembering 9/11/2001.

September for me is filled with many things to look forward to. Birthdays of friends, and family including my own. School starting, tennis matches, and 9/11. 9/11 is something I wish never happened, but do look forward to in some weird way because it gives me a chance to reflect on those who lost their lives. It helps me to teach my kids about human kindness, remembrance, and no matter what to always pay respects to those who have passed on. And to also pray for those who caused such a tragedy. 

So today I couldn't let this day go by without writing down a few words to remember those who lost loved ones 15 years ago. It's seems as if this travesty happened yesterday. With all the turmoil that still goes on in the world today it's nice to know that we remember those who lost their lives with a positive attitude, and by their loved ones remembering them in a special way for all the goodness that they brought into the world. 

A couple of weeks ago when the kids and I visited the Grounds for Sculpture, and arts museum we came upon this sculpture that was made specifically for the victims, and their families of 9/11. As we looked closely at the sculpture my heart grew sadder. Like many of the sculptures in this museum it was so detailed, and looked so real. The flowers, the hard hats, the water hose, and random things they found in the rubble looked all too real. Even the dried up flowers. 

And it truly felt as if we were there. 
Lexie who was standing behind us had such a long face. I mean, she was just a baby when this happened, but by learning about it at school throughout the years, and by us talking to her about it at home has made her realize that this certainly was truly a catastrophic event. She didn't want to be in the photo and I respected that so as Noah and Chelsea were taking a closer glimpse at the sculpture I captured this moment. I could see the sadness in their faces, and even though Noah is six he sensed that there was a sad story behind the art sculpture. Once again, I explained to him why every year a couple of weeks before my birthday, we go to different locations where they have a memorial for those who lost their lives to the "bad guys", and when this day comes we sit quietly for a few minutes, and give our respects to those who lost their lives that year. I reiterate about how these people just came flying in on a plane crashing through these tall buildings killing many, many people, and how another plane crashed near the white house, and another crashing in Pennsylvania which is close to where we live. He frowned a lot as I was telling him this story again, and after a while remembered what 9/11 was all about. He'll then mention "oh, you mean the bad guys who flew into new york and crashed the buildings where we only have one building now (which is the freedom tower) and a lot of people died." He's a smart kid, and eventually will know what it truly is all about with raw emotion on his own motive. 

The older my children, and I get I have learned that no matter what devastation occurs within our country, and other countries I'm grateful to be living such a wonderful life with great humans. I'm thankful for my family, and to be living in a country where forgiveness can be granted, where families reunite, where bad days can lead to better ones, where I can be "free", and proud to be a citizen of the U.S.A., but most of all for a God who stands under this nation, watching and guiding over us. 
When you look at it this way, no matter what happens in our day to day, we truly live in a beautiful world. It's a choice. A choice that may be hard to make for some, especially with all the negativity that goes on in the world. But I know, that if try hard enough, and pray hard enough, we only need to remember the good in everything. 

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