Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Our Day at the U.S. Open.

I remember my mom being glued to the television set every time the US open came on. Every year since I was six until my late teens she'd be watching it! She'd sit in and watch her favorites Jimmy Conners, John McEnroe, Billie Jean King, Chris Everett, Bjorn Borg all play. She got me hooked on watching tennis since I was like six! I wish I would have taken lessons as a child, but we couldn't afford it. And today I count my blessings for having a husband, and four kids who enjoying playing, and that they all have a passion to play. I'm so grateful that my mother's example in watching something on television that was uplifting, and fun stayed with me as I got older to the point where I was able to afford my own racket, and tennis balls! Yeah...I taught myself, and then married Jon, and he taught me more! Blessings for sure! 

This past weekend as an early birthday gift Jon took me to a place that I've been wanting to experience for a looooooong time. 

And he did. 
My dream of going to the US open finally came true. It was such a surreal moment for me to be sitting inside the Arthur Ashe stadium watching a live match where people play to win big!

The first time Jon took me to a tennis match was five years ago. I was so excited that I got to see my mom's favorite tennis player against mine! Connors, Courier, Sampras, and Agassi, although retired all played for charity. That will always be a date to remember! 

I couldn't believe we were there all day! This date started early in the morning, and lasted well into late in the evening, and man was it awesome! I don't think we mentioned our kids once except when I told Jon that we should definitely bring them next year so they can see a live match! And how great this would benefit Lexie since she is the most passionate about this sport! 
The grounds inside are absolutely beautiful. There's a huge jumbo tron in which you can sit in front of the fountains watching the game while doing a bit of shopping. There are quite a few stores where you can buy everything us open! And a number of food places where you can grab some grub, and believe me being there all day made me hungry, and so we bought some yummy food! 
  If Noah was here he would go crazy over this pretzel braid! 
 Like I said, we stayed waaaaay late until Stan Wawrinka won his last match agains Kei Nishikori which was close to 10pm so these pictures were obviously taken on our way out! I didn't take too many photos during the matches because hello, I wanted to enjoy the games! 
On our way out we saw my mom's favorite on the championship wall. 
And one of mine from my generation...
And the first one to win the us open who was an amazing example to all, and pretty much started it all! 
I absolutely had an amazing time, and didn't want to leave! I wanted them to keep on playing, and wish I had tickets to have seen the finals! Wawrinka ended up winning his last match agains Kei Nishikori. Kind of felt bad for Kei not winning. I could tell he was exhausted towards the end of the match, but Stan's playing wowed the heck out of me, and he really deserved to win. He also ended up winning the finals this past Sunday taking home 3.5 million dollars! As much as I enjoy Novak, Stan played a great game and deserved to win! 

We definitely look forward to coming next year as a family, and hope that one day we will make it to Wimbledon! 

Now that would be ideal! 

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