Friday, September 16, 2016

A Few Photos & A Tiny Video From Our Summer.

Ahhh, what a summer! 

I have to say that this summer has been of our best summers yet. Although we had a busy one with relocating to a new town, and moving into a new home nothing beats the stresses of life by venturing out to the places we love! Sure there were unforgettable moments that helped us grow into becoming a better person because when you relocate as much as we have that's usually what happens to us as a family. We choose to see things in a different perspective, and as we look back at the places where we once used to live we'll sigh, and say, "we were there for a reason, and now we are here for one too." 
I'm so grateful for Jon who is the hardest worker I know! To know that he drives all day in the city delivering packages and making time to finally go to the beach with us is so awesome on his part. I have savored each and every piece of summer fun that we fit into our schedule this past year. Extending our love to our friends, and going places together was the icing of our summer. Although we love doing things as a family, it's nice to invite others who we love to join in on our fun! 

I'm extremely grateful for my kids. 
Their laughter, smiles, hugs, inside jokes, and every effort they make in behaving themselves helps brighten all the days of my life. But most of all their unconditional love they expressed to me in the midst of moving, even though I yelled a lot is what always keeps me going through this precious thing called motherhood. 

I love, love time spent with my family, and only wish Sierra could've joined in on the fun with us this summer, but luckily for me we text, sometimes talk while she's waiting for the train to go to school, and snapchat every now and then. 
It's the little things, and the small bits of summer fun that mean the most, and there is no one or no where else I'd rather spend it with than my family, friends at the beach! 

I hope you're summer was just as adventurous, and fun as ours was. 

With the cooler temperatures we've been having lately I think fall is on its way, and we are pretty much ready for you to arrive! 
See ya summer, and have a great weekend folks! 

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