Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving From Our Little Pilgrim!

I read somewhere that "gratitude turns what we have, into enough." I can't even begin to express how true that statement is. As much as I have complained about the goings on in my life with my kids, and just the daily mundane, I have to seriously stop to think, look around, and recognize at all the things that are right in front of me and just be grateful for them. 

And when it comes to my family, and is enough! 

The day I received a note from Noah's teacher telling me that they are going to have a thanksgiving feast and if they can either wear a pilgrim, or native costume I complained a bit. See, last year when he was kindergarten in a different school district the teachers had them make their hats, and top. I thought that was ideal because it allowed them to get a hold of scissors, glue, and construction paper which allowed, and taught them to make their own. In Here we were asked to make our own. I may not be a seamstress, but I am thankful to be a discoverer. A discoverer when it comes to finding all things thrift at thrift stores, and when I googled pilgrim costumes a 23 year old shop in Pennsylvania popped up! When I called the owner told me he had a pilgrim outfit for an 8-10 year old boy for ten bucks! And I was sold! 
The only thing I paid regular price were the shoes which i found at target. It wasn't a waste because he can always wear those black shoes to church! When he came home he asked if he could switch into his vans because he said his feet were hurting! I obliged, and I think they look pretty cool! Gotta wear something comfy, and vans to him are comfy! 
When I showed Noah the costume I was a bit nervous thinking he was going to make fun of it, but instead was giddy to wear it! He even wanted to keep it on the whole day! He especially loved the hat that I found at goodwill for 99 cents! 
Noah fit being a pilgrim to a tee with his high brown hair, and all. Sometimes I wonder how I birthed such a cutie, but then I look at my girls at how each of them are so different, unique, and pretty in their own way. I have to remember that they are half of me, and without boasting feel as if I'm a pretty, decent looking human being! 
This fall has been absolutely perfect, and hoping that snow will come late this year. It has been perfect weather with the leaves scattered around our yard. I love it! 

I am so thankful that the kids learned all about Thanksgiving at school. Teaching them how the first thanksgiving came about between the pilgrims, and the natives, and how they feasted for three days. What a beautiful story of giving, and it'll be moments like this that I'll treasure, and miss. Participating with Noah in feasting with him at school at such a young age. I didn't do this with my girls, and felt as if I took them for granted when it came to events like this. I have really been making it up to them by going on one on one dates with them when I can, and being there for Noah every step of the way. It makes me grateful to be a stay at home mom where I am able to do that. 

And so I end this post with a poem that the kids at school contributed and wrote. I am very impressed!

All are included
Native Americans
Friends and family
United States of America

Well, that about sums up Thanksgiving! 

Enjoy and celebrate! 

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