Monday, November 14, 2016

The Bronx Zoo.

Ever since school started Noah has been wanting to go to the zoo, any zoo for his birthday. Unfortunately it rained on his birthday, and the fact that his birthday fell on a school day wouldn't have worked out anyway being that it fell on a school day. Luckily the kids had two days off which included veterans day, and so with the weather being sunny with no chance of showers we decided to go the day after he turned seven. 

And the weather was perfect! 
Thankful for the rain which brought vibrant foliage to the city we love to venture out to because oh my gosh...what a beautiful day it was in New York! Absolutely the best weather to go for any outing and it was so much fun! The only thing is we didn't get to see a lot of the animals and even though we took a picture in front of the congo sign we didn't get to see any gorillas, but we did see some baboons, and that made Noah's day. 
The last time we went to the Bronx zoo was eight years ago when it was just the girls! I can't believe time flies, and that these three were the same ages as my three that are left home today! Minus Sierra! Bittersweet memories for sure, and since this photo never made it into the blog I figured...what the heck. Let me post it! I remember the weather being scorching hot that summer, and how some of the animals were indoors. I have to tell you though coming to the zoo in the fall was a lot nicer not to mention a heck of a lot cooler. The foliage is absolutely gorgeous right now! I absolutely love autumn anywhere in new york and the foliage throughout the zoo was vibrant! Just take a gander! 

I feel as if I took more photos of the kids, nature, and fall foliage more than the animals. I did manage to capture a few of Noah looking through the telescope at some flamingos, and a lion. Even though it wasn't freezing cold I think some of the animals were hibernating or something because we didn't see too many out. We still enjoyed our time there, and the fact that it wasn't crowded made it even better. It prevented any photo bombers from being in these photos that I took. 

Noah and the map. He always has to be in charge and our guide! 

 Also...every zoo has a carousel and it is mandatory that we all ride it! 
And the was pretty delicious. Gotta have those Nathan's hot dogs!
I sure love new york in the fall. We absolutely love it, and if I can find some free time on any given day I will drive an hour or hop on a train just to go to the city, and chill all day here! 
And so can Noah. He had so much fun at the zoo. He loved his belated birthday present, and literally did not want to leave. He kept hounding me to drive into the city so we can go to have some Joe's pizza in Greenwich. We spent all day at the Bronx, and had to leave to go pick up daddy! Although a bit bummed, he was okay with that and said, "next time we come let's eat pizza first, and then go to the zoo!" 

My thoughts exactly! 

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