Monday, November 7, 2016

A Little "Fall" in Sayen Gardens.

Sometimes I feel as if I spoil Noah too much and let my guard down when it comes to outings especially when we are out and about going on walks or at a playground. There were times when he used to ride his scooter that I would let him go way ahead of me, and then sometimes he would hesitate at a stop sign not quite knowing how to discern from stop, and go and realizing that there are going to be real life giant size cars up ahead.
I would quickly run up and catch up to him, and tell him to stop before getting hit by a car. Although he's a bit older now, and understands what the big red octagon sign reads, and what crosswalks are all about, I still can't help but to hover at times to remind him that he needs to slow down, and not to get way ahead of me. Blame it on the fact that he is my only son, and baby for that matter! 

This past Saturday we went with some friends to sayen gardens where you can easily wander off, and spend hours traipsing along paths where the foliage is as bright as the sun. I got a bit too comfortable in my own world chatting with my friend that I didn't really pay attention as to where Noah was at. In front of us, behind us, with his sisters?? I have a tendency to sometimes rely too much on the girls to watch Noah which they don't mind, but on this particular day I can tell that they wanted to hang out with "just the girls." I guess they relied on us to have Noah with us too!

While walking along the path and in deep conversation with my girlfriend I realized that I no longer saw children or heard any noise. It was through their loud laughs, and repeated, "Noah, stop" phrases that helped guide us to where they wandered off to. Plus the fact that Sanja's daughter was texting her as to where we were at! After finding each other it made me happy to see all the kids together laughing, and enjoying themselves, but I still noticed Noah feeling a little blue. Although he loves making new friends, and meeting new people, he is used to hanging out with just his sisters. I think in someways I can relate with Noah in being the baby of the family, and feeling as we are getting left behind. The difference in our upbringing is that the girls acknowledge his loneliness, and include him in whatever they are doing when it was the total opposite for me when I was his age. I was always being left out! Ha ha! The perks of being the baby brat of the family! 
He certainly is lucky to have sisters who adore him, and that they have friends who say he is the cutest being ever created!  
On our way out, Noah being the climber that he is decided to climb up this rock, and this is where I let my guard down! Here i am thinking Noah is a tough little guy which for the most part he is, but underneath lies a growing little boy who is still learning about the dangers that are out there especially when it comes to places where you are alone and no one is watching. I turned my back for a second and as I saw Noah hitting the bush next to him with a stick figured he's safe, and having fun. Unfortunately he had a bit of a "fall" and lost his footing and fell off the rock. Luckily it wasn't a long fall, and that there were no broken bones. I couldn't believe how calm i was when this happened. Had it been my first child doing this, and falling the way he did I would have lost it, and probably rushed him to the nearest hospital! Luckily he left unscathed with some minor scratches, and that the day ended with a few cries, a good lunch, and yummy donuts! 
Thank you Sanja for getting me out of the house, and taking us to unknown territory that was truly a gem in my eyes. I love fall, and this was the perfect place to see it in all its glory! 

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