Monday, November 21, 2016

Life Lately in Pictures.

Ever since school started the months have been rushing one into another, and I can't believe that Thanksgiving is this Thursday! The past few weeks have flown by but by capturing the moments of my day to day in pictures is my way to preserve my memory, and to savor, and appreciate even the simplest of moments. I love making new friends, and entertaining in my home (even if it's just been the missionaries from our church lately),
I love being a playground mom, and taking the kids to the park, and riding the merry go round with them. I am grateful to live in a country where I am able to live free, and always look past all negativity, and hope to do my part in helping humanity. Especially when this was one of the hardest years in making the correct decision in who to vote for as our American President. When all is said and done, I have realized that it's the little things that matter, and mean the most. And like the quote underneath my blog title that reads, 

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a could miss it!" 

So true, and in honor of that quote I give you some behind the scenes in pictures that help us remember those still, small moments that we don't want to go amiss. That these past few weeks didn’t just pass us by without any appreciation. I have been savoring the moments with these three because before we know they will be on their own! What a joy it is to be creating memories with my children, and friends as well!
Ever since I moved from South Jersey I have been missing some of my friends I met there. In the eight years of living there I've gotten to know some of the dearest sisters, and Jennifer is one of the them. She is a convert to the church, and is as strong as they come. No matter how hard life gets for her, for any of us, we are reminded of God's love, and that friendshipping is the best remedy to any bad day we may be having. I am so thankful to have met Jenn, and to have made the time in my schedule to visit her. It was so fun catching up with her while having lunch. She truly is a genuine soul! 
Oh....the missionaries. What can I say about those amazing missionaries. They are a guiding light. A gem. A true friend, with a good listening ear.  A source of happiness that comes from above. God's valiant soldiers. A spiritual light. I love them, and I'm so thankful to have them over our home for dinner at times. And our darling sisters. 
How I wish we can spend more time with them. They are all like my kids, and try my best to watch out for them. I''m sure that being away from their families especially on holidays is not easy, but with comfort, and kindness given by members of our congregation will help them feel loved, stay strong, and feel at home! And if you want to know more about their service, and want to chat with them, and want to know what they are all about when it comes to the Savior and the gospel please let me know! 

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to serve in the temple so much since it was dedicated. Whether it has been with Jon, by myself, or these lovely sisters attending the temple is something so special that I just can't live without! I love how my life flows smoothly when I go, and make it a priority! The temple is something that is very near, and dear to my heart that is like a refuge, and I am so glad to have a temple within an hour away! 
I know I've been posting way too many pictures of Noah lately, and that was only because it was his birthday. He is my november baby, and so this year I spoiled him by exposing too many pictures of him. I hope his ego doesn't get to his head, because of all the pictures i posted of him on instagram. He's too cute not to share, and because he was born in my favorite season couldn't help but to document and post pictures of my little man. Especially when he's surrounded by such beautiful foliage!
e's toHonoring veterans by sharing war stories of our ancestors with Noah. In this photo he is pretending to defend his country from the bad guys. We have the british, american, and korean soldiers defending their territory. Noah prevented every soldier from harming one another. If only.....
Noah's fall craft. I printed a turkey template from pinterest, and he decorated it with papa's fishing feathers! I don't think Jon will mind since he hasn't gone fishing since high school! 
The spirit throughout the primary program this year was so strong, especially while the children were singing. There's something about young voices that gets you in the ason of giving. I love how these kids were focused on us smiling while swaying back and forth. Especially Noah. He was smiling the whole time, and even though he wasn't singing as loud, or hardly at all just seeing him up on that stage shining with a glow was good enough for me. And sweet Chelsea. She's such a beauty, and has a sweet voice. I enjoyed every second of this program, and am glad the gospel is what we do! 
It was the hardest decision to have ever made in the history of my voting years, but after fervent prayer, and looking at all the pros, and cons one each candidate without trying hard not to judge I did it, and I made the choice to vote.  And voted. Proud to be an american! 
The kids are continuing with piano lessons, and Noah is getting better and better. He said he eventually wants to play the drums! Yikes! 
Excuse the grainy photos but when you arrive at the park the same time it starts getting dark your photos will come out grainy instead of great. But that's okay because at the end of the day it's not about how well the picture turned out, but how much fun they had playing!
Be-lated birthday gift from big sister in Utah. She made him this candy necklace, and it was all gone within 24 hours! We helped him eat some too! 

Since it's been a while since I've gone to a broadway show I'd figure this is close enough to seeing one! My daughters fall play. It was very well portrayed, and the set up was amazing! Very well done actors! 

And last but not least, our thankful tree. I put this out a couple days after Halloween, and ever since then the kids have been going to town writing two things that they are thankful for, and in all honesty it seems as if they appreciated doing it more this year than last year. I didn't have to tell them not to forget to write something down. Every morning when I woke up there would always be a few new written leaves on the tree. It was so interesting to read what they jotted down. I love that Lexie wrote down inside jokes, and seminary. Something fun, and challenging! Waking up early is not an easy feat, but she does it and knows the blessings that come from it. And inside jokes. She has those with her friends, and Sierra. I love Noah's thankful words too. He wrote down Jesus, and food! Chelsea also wrote food, and music which is not surprising because when she's not eating she's playing piano, and when she's playing piano she'll be snacking on something. Don't ask me where it all goes because she looks healthy, and strong! 

Here's hoping your memorable moments are always etched in your mind, and if you make the time to jot them down along with some photos. I love having to look back on memories with fondness. Even the ones that aren't picture perfect, it's still good to write your heart out in what makes your days bright, and challenging! Here's hoping everyone has a wonderful week, and a happy Thanksgiving! 

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