Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Super Heroes & A Halloween Video!

Halloween this year in our new neighborhood and town was the best! It truly is a great place to raise kids, and all the neighbors in our area gave out tons of candy, not just a small size candy bar, but a whole package of candy, and boxes of cookies! There were many neighbors who were dressed up, offered hot chocolate, and treated us as if we had been living here for years! I became good friends with the wicked witch of the west. Michelle is the coolest witch, and I'm so glad I met her! 

Another neighbor of ours even had a "spook alley" in her backyard and decked out her living room and foyer with the coolest halloween decorations. It totally is a different dynamic here when it comes to Halloween, and the whole town really gets into it, and we absolutely loved it! Trick or treating for us ended close to 9pm! Back in our old borough of Blackwood everyone seemed to stop trick or treating at 7pm, but here...they could have gone all night at least until 10pm! It sure brought back memories from when I was a kid dressed as a gypsy (for two years in a row) trick or treating at least until 10:30 at night! 

I made this little video from my snapchats, and IG stories, and you can watch that on my you tube channel here. 

This year after all the hoopla with marvel, and DC movies coming out the kids decided that they wanted to be superheroes. I feel that when they are little having a theme is great because they don't know any better, but now that they are older the each decide what they want to be. The kids ended up calling and asking grandma from Utah to make their capes, and skirts. Luckily she had already made Noah's spider man costume for dress up earlier this year.  And now, a few photos of my super heroes...
I'm telling you my mother in law has such talent! She made all the kids costumes this year, and they couldn't have been more pleased! Lexie's wonder woman cape was super awesome! She said it was a bit challenging to make, but she did it and got it done just in time! That mother in law of mine is amazing when it comes to handling that sewing machine! 
 My cute super girl! Can't believe she'll be 12 in two months! Love the length of their skirts too. And my wonder woman girl, and her golden cuffs. All she needed was a whip! 
Noah can wear this every day. To sleep, eat, play, and was happy he wore it to school too! Such a huge fan of spidey! 
...and another photobombing picture of Noah.
All of our past halloweens have been great, and fun, but this particular Halloween was indeed the best! The kids were so happy! I love watching them dashing from door to door, and watching Noah get scared every time he hears a dog bark! I've decided to make more of an effort to dress up with the kids, and hopefully Jon can join in on our fun instead of having to work next year! These kids are getting older by the second, and want to do more than just wear a little witches hat! 

But then again going all out doesn't matter. Wearing that little witches hat made me feel powerful! I may not have been a superhero, but felt protected all night long! It truly was a delightful night! 

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween, and are ready for November!! What?? When did that happen? 

Have a good one folks!  

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