Wednesday, November 30, 2016

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas in NYC!

I wish we had more time to spend in the city after watching the  Macy's parade before going back to Jersey, but had to leave due to dinner plans with friends. However, I am grateful for time, and that we at least got to walk around for a bit to take in some of the sights. Every year it's the same decorations in the same spot, and every time we come to see them it. never. gets. old! Never!
The more I come here i feel as if new york is a part of me. We've been coming to the city since we moved to North carolina 10 years ago, and can't begin to tell you how giddy I was when I learned we were moving to Jersey. And now that we are in central jersey, which is closer to the city you better believe I will take advantage of coming every chance I get. The kids love traipsing around the city whether rain, sleet, snow or shine, and we always make the best of it! The weather on this day was not too cold, but cold enough to have some hot chocolate. 

These huge red ornaments are nostalgic, and a favorite, and never get old. They are always set on the same stop, and always have to capture them in a picture. This time it was Noah all by his lonesome, and he wanted to be in the photo. He absolutely loves this city! He was wanting to see the candy canes but because it started raining decided to leave. Plus we had to get going home to eat some grub with friends . 
My friend Maggie is so crazy, and I love coming to the city with her. If you see my insta stories on my instagram she is always striking up conversations with people in the city. She is fearless, and will say hello to everyone as we walk on by. I'm friendly, but the city has got me hustling, and I really don't say hello to just anyone! She is unique as my friends come, and I just love her to death! 
I am so grateful for this family of mine. I love coming to the city with them, and am grateful that my kids actually love it here. We never want to leave. It's a city that awakens you feeling energetic. I can see why people love living here. It can be a love/hate relationship, but what city, state, or town doesn't give you that feeling. We have to just mend the relationship, and learn to love where we live. I know I have, but how fortunate I am to be living a bit closer to one of my favorite cities!

Hope y'all are enjoying this time of year, and preparing for the Christmas season! I just love this time of year! 

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