Friday, November 18, 2016

My November Days.

My days lately without any kids during the day have consisted of long walks, and drives to unknown territory. When I lived in South Jersey I explored as much as I could in that area, and now that i'm in Central jersey I can't help but to explore some more. October and November have been the months of exploring, and I couldn't have picked a better season to venture outdoors. Fall here has been exquisite lately, and my heart is smitten. 
Smitten with all things autumn. The fact that fall is hanging on, and lasting longer than usual has brought all kinds of smiles to my face. And although I look forward to snow, and playing in it with my kids fall is just too perfect to let go. 

But it's inevitable. 
I noticed today when we went to the park after school that daylight grew into darkness at 5pm!! You can tell from this picture that the sun had already gone down! And when the temperatures drop making the weather cooler reminds me that winter is just around the corner. Which means that the Christmas season will soon be upon us. 
But first, I want to focus on the season of giving before anything else. I'm not one to rush into Christmas the week before, but the day after Thanksgiving. And November has been a beautiful month filled with nature walks, and picturesque scenery in which I'd like to share a few photos of the place I now call home. 
No matter where I drive there is foliage everywhere! The garden state, and Pennsylvania never disappoint! And for some reason school buses remind me of fall! 
When I noticed the leaves changing on the tree outside our house I was so excited! The colors are vibrant and beautiful! The only thing I'm not too crazy about is raking them. Luckily I have kids who can help in that department, and once we all pitch in to rake I think it'll be a fun feat to do as a family! Leaf wars here we come! 
Earlier today as I was driving across a small bridge i discovered a walking path near the Delaware river, and it was such a relaxing walk. As much as I love my kids, and miss Noah during the day, it's nice to have some time to myself. That way I can be a more "zen" mom, and be relaxed when stressful days come upon me. But i refuse to let that happen to me this holiday season. So grateful for the beauty of the earth, and all of God's beautiful creations. 
Fall in November was definitely beautiful today. Wishing it will hang on a little bit longer.. 

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!   

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