Friday, November 4, 2016

Noah-isms: Fall Edition.

continue to marvel at the thought that this kid will be seven next week! He truly is showing his age by his personality, and the way he is speaking. Not only is he speaking clearly in full sentences, but the things he says are far too funny, and sometimes not too funny. He's a boy with a lot of questions who wants thorough answers.
And if he feels they are not thorough enough he will ask your ear off until he is satisfied with the answer he is looking for! He never tires me, and I never grow weary of his presence. I love that I have a son who constantly nurtures me with hugs, and kisses, and praises me with sayings such as, "you're pretty, and you really care for your son, and my sister a lot huh mommy!" He obviously is beginning to see how protective I am, and how much I care for both him, and his sisters. And hopefully that's a good thing!

There are so many things he has been saying that catch us off guard lately, and in all honesty am beginning to be like, "do i really need to jot every single silly thing he says down?" I think, "nah." However, here are a few catch phrases, and silly sayings he has said since my last post of Noahisms. 

Chelsea: Look at my hair Noah. 
Noah: (Laughing) Your hair looks like that (it was all frizzy) cause your getting older, and going into the young women soon! 

"I wish I was a mom so I can stay home all day, and take naps." 

"One morning Lexie freaked out thinking she was late for school, and woke all of us up an hour early. She looked at her clock wrong (that's what happens when you have early morning seminary, it freaks you out always thinking you're late!) Well, luckily I looked at my phone, and iPhones don't lie. I mentioned that it was 5:30, and not 6:30. Luckily seminary was canceled on this day, but Noah was wide awake! After not being able to go back to bed he said, "How is it that it's dark outside, and I'm still awake! I can't believe I'm awake!"

"Mommy do you know what booger chapstick is? That's when you pick your burgers, and rub them on your mouth!" 

There was a time when Noah and I were out and when we eat in the car we usually bless the food before we eat. Well, on this day we were so hungry that we started chowing down, and then I said, "oops, we forgot to say a prayer!" And Noah says, "awww! Is Jesus going to be mad?" Had to explain to him that Jesus hardly ever gets mad, and that he's sad when we do bad things, but if it's something such as a six year old forgetting to pray it's okay. Because we can always work on that, and because no one is perfect! He felt better afterwards!

After two days of sickness and hardly eating anything but crackers, and water Noah said, "my belly is hungry mom. It wants pancakes now." 

After going trunk or treating he asked his neighborhood friend Kristy if she had a "stummyache." Chelsea corrected him, and told him that it's tummy ache, not stummyache, and Noah said, "stummyache, tummy ache, i'll call it whatever I want! It's the same thing."

Although Noah loves his sisters it's kind of sad to say that he might have a favorite. As the girls were leaving for their church activity the other night Noah ran up to Lexie, and said, "Lexie, give me hug, hug, and kiss." I then told him to give Chelsea a hug and kiss too, and he said, "not today, I don't like her today." 

So this morning Noah was getting dressed, and looking at himself in the mirror, and was saying, "i have abs." Thanks Peter Parker for waking up realizing you have abs while looking in the mirror in your hit movie spider man! I captured a little bit of that reenactment on my Insta stories (r_jorgensen) if you'd like to see it real quick! 

Well, if y'all continue to enjoy his musings, stay tuned for some more in another month or so. That's even if I think to remember! So happy that I've managed this long to document some of his sayings, and that we will both look back, and say, "I can't believe you said that!" 

Happy weekend folks! 

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