Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Another Temple Post All Because of Sister Nutting.

I really hope you guys are not getting tired of my temple posts, but if going to the temple deals with special people then you better believe I'm going to share some goodness! And meeting up with the sister missionaries who serve full time in our church leaving all "the world" behind is the icing on the cake! 

It was so nice seeing Sister Nutting again. She'll be returning home next month before Christmas, and today we had the opportunity to do a temple session with her and her companion Sister Jackson. I absolutely love the sisters and Sister Jackson seems like my kind of gal. There are certain sisters that immediately warm my heart, and Sister Nutting was one of them. 

That's one thing I miss about my old area is that I'm in a different mission so I won't be seeing too many familiar faces anymore. One of Sister Nutting's former companion who was another fave of mine went home a few weeks ago, and I was so happy to have met up with her at the temple. You better believe I will free up my day and drive an hour just to meet up with some old friends, and sister missionaries who were like my daughters! 

It was such a beautiful fall day, and we had a nice time afterwards visiting outside the temple. I captured a few moments of everyone, and it was so fun getting acquainted with Sister Jackson. It was fun catching up with Sister Nutting even if it was just for a few minutes because they had to be home at a certain time. Darn those mission rules! Although it was pretty cloudy I managed to capture a few candids of us as well as some random photos! 

Looking forward to the day when this gal officially gets to go through the temple
 Thank you sister Jackson for capturing this fun moment! We were all trying to determine our best side so we can stand in the right spot! Age does that to ya! ha ha! 
 Just look at that foliage! Love, Love fall! 
Attending the temple hould be a weekly ritual for everyone! Meeting up at the temple, and seeing familiar faces from the entire area warms my heart. It most definitely was a beautiful day spent at the temple! The times I go just uplift my life, and brings me so much happiness. So grateful to have one close by to frequent often! 

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