Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My Wishes For Noah On His 7th Birthday.

Each year of my boys growing life seems more fleeting than the last. I can't believe that he is seven! Although I look forward to his future, and how he's going to be when he grows up, I wish this day would never end so that I can take in all his noahisms, and the things he does. That I can capture each moment perfectly, and cherish his little laugh, humor, and quirky thing every boy does. He is perfection in my eyes, and each year just gets better and better with him. 

And my wishes for him on this day is that I always wish for him to always have hope. 

Hope that his future will be encumbered by goodness, and strength. That he will be able to withstand any chaos, and trial that he will face. That his heart will always have room to love every individual no matter what race, or gender they are. That he will always remember what it means to be kind. To never think that bullying is cool. To always have respect for women. To always have a strong love for God. To know that God will never give up on him in times of stress or need. To never give up on goodness. Ever. To know that although we have our free agency, that it can be free, but good. To always be sensitive to the needs of others. To be strong. And to always forgive matter what.

I refuse to have fear for his future, and as long as he has a mom like me, and sisters who love and watch over him, and a father who treats him like he's the worlds most precious cargo, and teaches him true principles, that his faith will be firm, and we need not be afraid. I know that he will grow up, and acquire all those attributes. 

Because he already does. 

He is the future, and only he can be an example to others, and let his light shine with goodness, and joy. 
Happy 7th  Birthday Noah. You are our autumn baby, nature loving, animal lover, always hugging, and kissing boy of ours. We love you noah. Never give up on your dreams, and always stand for truth. And always remember who you are. We are so proud of the little adult you are becoming. 

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