Friday, November 25, 2016

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade '16.

Five years ago we began the tradition of going to the Macy's thanksgiving parade in New York, and every time we go there's always a new float, and balloons. The kids are fascinated by the balloons, and waking up at 5:30 in the morning to get a good spot is no easy feat, but because we've been going to the parade for so many years has made the kids get out of bed a bit easier. 

Then again I feel blessed to have a boy who is patient, and never says, "I'm tired of standing can we go home now" or "how long is this going to be?" Sooooooo lucky. Noah has loved the parade ever since we started taking him at the age of three. This year we were lucky to have stood right next to the guard rail where we had a perfect view, and had people in the parade throwing confetti at us. It seemed too good to be true how close we were and boy did we have a blast. After all, it's mostly for the kids to enjoy! 

And just look at that ear to ear smile! 
I feel that the pictures I took are a bit better than previous years, but in all honesty I don't think there is a bad place to stand on the street and capture a few photos especially if you have good view, and camera, Because these balloons are massive you can pretty much see everything from even 1000 feet away. I feel as if these pictures don't do it justice. You literally had to be there to take in all the action. Everyone should do this once in their life, and if it wasn't your cup of tea then watch it at home. You'll still never get the same effect, and that's according to all my family! 
Noah, and Chelsea were so excited to have been standing right against the rail, and even though Noah got a bit sad because Spider-man didn't make an appearance, having the Trolls, and Power Ranger balloon made up for all the difference. Especially those ninja turtles on the float. 
Lexie's favorite part of the parade, and main reason why she is willing to wake up so early on a holiday is to see the marching bands. She is a music geek, and loves hearing those drummers drumming live!.We had such a blast, and having my friend Maggie coming with us again was so fun. We LOVE this city, and we'll keep coming back for more. 
And now for some photos! 

 Noah was a bit thrilled when he saw the King's hawaiian roll float! His favorite carb! 

"Look mom, it's the power ranger again! And did you know that there is a movie coming out?!" Yep! We totally had a blast. Even my almost 17 year old felt like a kid again watching all the balloon characters go by! 

And so did I! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! 

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