Monday, November 28, 2016


I was so excited when my friend Suzie texted me and asked us to have thanksgiving dinner with her family, and our new friend Beena. I have known this woman for eight years, and have turned down some of her invites in the past, but there was no way I was going to turn down this one! 

I love her, and in the eight years I've known her we have had our moments as friends, and sisters in the gospel, but in the end we have all realized that the gospel is all about...LOVE! Well, there's more to it than that, but I am so grateful to have a friend like her in my life, and that our girls are all very dear friends! 
It was such a beautiful dinner, and as usual we were the last ones to leave. Her family is amazing, and having Beena over with her two sons was so much fun. Beena is a shining light. There's something about her that brings me calm, and peace. She is from Pakistan, and just got baptized into the LDS church two weeks ago. She's an amazing friend, and sister, and overall person. Anyone is lucky to know her, and have her as a friend! 

It was kind of nice not cooking this year, but Jon did make his infamous homemade mashed potatoes, and the food was absolutely delicious! I swear I hadn't eaten like this in a long time! I feel as if my weight goes up and down, especially throughout the winter. And then when spring time comes I lose more again. My body is weird that way. I don't even work out at a gym. I feel as if going to the playground running around after Noah is my gym. I also have stairs in the new house that I'm constantly going up and down at least 20 times a day! Yep...who needs a gym when I have Noah and stairs that I'm constantly running after!

The evening turned out wonderful, and in the midst of it all captured a few photos...
Noah and his photobombing. He is becoming notorious for that! 
We all had an amazing time. Being here made me even more grateful for all that I have. Suzie and I have two daughters who are the same ages as mine. It's so nice to be able discuss our desires for our children, and as mothers we want the best for them. But in the end we both realized that we have adult children who have to learn for themselves, and just love them with our whole heart! 
We are lucky to have teenagers left at home to mother, continue to teach them what's right, and be "cool" with. 
Towards the end of the night we found out that noah is allergic to dogs! He really liked Bruno too. Such a calm and content dog who doesn't beg, bark, or jump on you! Jon was explaining to him why we can't have a dog, and why his eyes were red, and itchy. Poor kid, his allergies were really acting up! Luckily Chelsea isn't allergic! 

Counting my blessings for all that we did this day! The macy's parade in the morning put a huge smile on our faces, and then ending it by spending it with friends was the icing on the cake. I love this time of year where all of our families reflect on what we are grateful for, and to seriously act upon graciously the things that make us thankful! 

It was a sensational thanksgiving weekend! 

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